Your PRANA Mineral Gallery, 2 Aranga Road, Kerikeri, Northland

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Looking for a fun activity for the whole family? Our Glow-In-The-Dark Gemstone Exhibition is a must-see experience!

Come & discover illuminated & glowing crystals & minerals, creating a magical & unique experience, unlike anything you’ve seen before.

This is one of Northland’s highlights & there’s no other place like it in NZ!

An absolute must-visit if you are in the Bay Of Islands, it should be at the top of your list!

Step into our dark room filled with naturally fluorescent gemstones & let us show you one of Mother Natures secrets.

Honestly, prepare to have your socks knocked off!

We’ve had so many jaws drop in amazement when they step into our dark room. It is so awe-inspiring to many souls.

Kids just light up! We witness the biggest smiles & quite often very happy giggles follow.

Some people want to sit & stay in there all day, it’s a very relaxing serene environment.

Others ask ALL the questions, they want to know everything & we absolutely love that.

& a few are fascinated by their clothes & shoes glowing too!

Come & witness the wonders of this exhibition yourself, you’ll be stunned by what you see & learn. An amazing, unforgettable experience.

Plus, it’s a great rainy day activity & will bring a great smile to everyone’s face!

Sound like a sight you’d love to visit? Explore our magnificent mineral gallery today!

Your PRANA Mineral Gallery is located at 2 Aranga Road in Kerikeri (opposite BP), you’ll see our purple signs on the corner of Kerikeri Road.

Witness all our exquisite radiantly glowing pieces & ask us all the questions you desire.

This is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to admire & absorb a great deal of knowledge.

We will gift you the knowledge as to how & why these natural stones glow, show you the difference of colour in the natural light & educate you about the meanings of the stones, their formations & the science behind their creation.

Allow us to share with you, an experience you will never forget!

To book & select your preferred day / time to visit, click HERE

Booking Details:

Our exhibition is free to attend.

Please ensure you arrive 5 minutes early.

We look forward to welcoming you into our mineral gallery & sharing the wonders of the world with you!