May 15, 2023

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Happy anniversary! There are many beautiful words that describe two souls who have committed to spending their lives together. Special occasions like this call for remarkable gifts that reflect this commitment & an anniversary stone is the perfect way to celebrate.

Knowing your anniversary stones can be a loving way to embrace your special milestones & add a personal touch to your gifts. Each anniversary stone has its own unique meaning & symbolism, making it a thoughtful & meaningful way to show your love & appreciation. They withstand the passing of time & are wonderful heirlooms that may be cherished for many generations to come. Additionally, learning about anniversary stones can be a fun & interesting way to explore the world of gemstones & their history, there is so much to discover! With so many beautiful & meaningful stones to choose from, there’s sure to be an anniversary stone that resonates with you.

Below you will discover an inspirational list of anniversary stones to help you select the perfect anniversary gift!

1st Anniversary: Gold

2nd Anniversary: Garnet

3rd Anniversary: Pearl or Jade

4th Anniversary: Blue Topaz or Blue Zircon

5th Anniversary: Sapphire or Pink Tourmaline

6th Anniversary: Amethyst or Turquoise

7th Anniversary: Onyx or Yellow Sapphire

8th Anniversary: Tourmaline or Tanzanite

9th Anniversary: Lapis Lazuli or Amethyst

10th Anniversary: Diamond

11th Anniversary: Turquoise or Citrine

12th Anniversary: Jade or Opal

13th Anniversary: Citrine or Moonstone

14th Anniversary: Opal or Agate

15th Anniversary: Ruby

16th Anniversary: Peridot or Aquamarine

17th Anniversary: Carnelian

18th Anniversary: Cat’s Eye Chrysoberyl

19th Anniversary: Aquamarine or Topaz

20th Anniversary: Emerald

21st Anniversary: Iolite or Brass

22nd Anniversary: Spinel or Copper

23rd Anniversary: Imperial Topaz

24th Anniversary: Tanzanite or Lavender

25th Anniversary: Silver

30th Anniversary: Pearl

35th Anniversary: Emerald or Coral

40th Anniversary: Ruby or Garnet

45th Anniversary: Sapphire or Alexandrite

50th Anniversary: Gold

55th Anniversary: Alexandrite or Emerald

60th Anniversary: Diamond

65th Anniversary: Blue Sapphire

70th Anniversary: Platinum

75th Anniversary: Diamond or Gold

80th Anniversary: Ruby

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