Moonstone is a white or colourless mineral that is characterized by a soft, milky sheen. It belongs to the mineral group feldspar and it can be found in various places in the world.


Moonstone is associated with the element of Water.


AMoonstone is believed to be soothing and calming, and is associated with the Vata Dosha.


Moonstone is said to be connected to the Sacral, Third Eye and Crown Chakras, which are associated with emotions, creativity, and spiritual awareness.


Moonstone is associated with the Zodiac signs Gemini, Cancer, Libra and Scorpio.


“I trust my intuition, I am cyclic, and I flow with ease”


Moonstone is believed to be a powerful stone for working with the Moon and its energies. It is thought to be connected to intuition and psychic ability and it is also said to help balance emotions, as well as enhance creativity and inspire new beginnings. It also believed to be a stone of protection, particularly during childbirth and pregnancy, and is also said to be helpful for love and relationships.


Moonstone should be cleansed regularly by placing it in a dish of sea salt, leaving it overnight and wiping it clean the next day. It can also be cleansed by holding it under running water, resting it under the full moon or by smudging with Sage.


Moonstone was highly valued by ancient civilizations for its lunar properties, it was worn as a talisman to bring good fortune and to enhance intuition. Also, Moonstone was considered a stone of protection for travelers, a gift of lovers for passion, a channel for prophecy and an amulet of protection from danger.


Moonstone is composed of a variety of feldspar minerals, particularly orthoclase and albite and it can be found in various places in the world. Moonstone is similar to Labradorite (plagioclase feldspar) however it has a main point of difference, Labradorite has calcium sodium, while Moonstone is distinctly different with potassium sodium. Moonstones classic opalescent shimmer is also known as adularescence. The stone’s hardness scale (Moh’s scale) is 6 – 6.5 and the stone is formed by magma cooling. Albite and orthoclase solidify from the magma, gradually intergrowing with each other. During formation, they create stacked, alternating layers. When light passes through these layers, the adularescence, the shimmer seen in moonstone, can be admired.

In conclusion, Moonstone is a white or colourless mineral known for its metaphysical properties, specifically associated with intuition, emotions and new beginnings. Its milky sheen is associated with the moon and it is also known for its historic use as a talisman and amulets. Moonstone can be cleansed regularly through common cleansing methods.


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