Antoinette Elizabeth, the founder & visionary of Your PRANA Mineral Gallery has a vast array of knowledge in her tool belt. She is a jeweller, mineral expert & business mentor 1st & foremost these days. However she also has an extensive 17 year background in the health & movement industry. Additionally she is a yoga teacher, holisitc health practitioner, movement rehabilitation specialist & nutritionist.

If you seek to enhance your profesional & personal life, she is your woman! Connect with Antoinette today & discover a lifestyle strategy that sees you excel in all arenas of your life. She is a an absolute transformation artist. With her support, you will quickly understand anything you desire is possible!

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Presenting advice & support to help you operate & improve efficiency in your business. Personalized business mentoring catered to your lifestyle. Completely transformational sessions that will help you view your business in an entirely new light.

Are you seeking to engage the creative process, make your business soar, triple your cash flow, or are needing advice on how to turn your idea into a start-up? Then you’ve come to the right place, Antoinette has you covered. Expert knowledge & an extensive toolbox allows the mentoring sessions she presents to be varied, exciting & playful – while providing complete emotional support.

Business Planning

Marketing Strategies

Utilizing Profit Margins

Out Of The Box Thinking

Understanding Financials

Streamline Systems & Processes

Harmony Between Business & Life

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Seeking to discover movement freedom again? Strength & flexibility? Antoinette can assist you & get you on the right track to achieving all you desire & more.

10 years ago she underwent a spinal fusion & had to learn to walk again. Whilst she may appear unstoppable now, capable of anything - she too has faced severe movement restrictions & immense pain. Her aerial yoga practices are testament to her ability & her amazing recovery. If you desire to break free from the limitations you have now, she has the knowledge you seek, along with the compassion for having walked a similar path.

Aerial Yoga

Breath Work

Muscle Testing

Mobilizing Joints

Core Rehabilitaton

Grounding Practices

Movement Coaching

Vision & Goal Setting

 Indicators & Corrections

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Is your current health state not serving you & you feel like you are missing something? Address it with Antoinette & discover the under lying imbalances that may be occuring withing your body & form a plan to achieve your optimal state of health.

She has personally had her Thyroid removed, had past gut imbalances & faced adrenal fatigue. Antoinette understands the importance of feeling optimal & is here to guide you through all the scientific lab tests & mentoring you desire. Thriving & beaming full of energy, is where we want you to be. It's your time to shine & feel amazing!

Sex Hormones

Blood Chemistry

Epigenetic Testing

Thyroid Imbalances

Ayurvedic Therapies

Adrenal Dysfunction

Food Sensitivity Testing

Gut Health / Microbiome Analysis

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Have you had enough of bloating, acid reflux & stomach pains? Seek to feel lighter & not be continuously worried about what you are eating? It's time to discover what personalized nutritional support can do for you!

Every body is different. What is key, no matter your goal, is understanding what foods & habits are ultimate for you & your lifestyle. We all lead vastly different lives, & what one person thrives on, you may not. Listening to your body is key & Antoinette is here to help you decode it's unique language with you. She understands the complexities of the human body in it's entirety & can assist you in relieving all your undesired symptoms.

Food Diary

Intuitive Nutrition

Body Type Analysis

Supermarket Tours

Personalized Meal Plans

Morning & Evening Routines

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If you desire Antoinette to present a seminar, host an educational workshop or make a guest appearance on your podcast, connect with us today.

Listening to her share her vast array of knowledge which she has compiled throughout her career, is & has been a life changing experience for many. She holds a beautiful presence & a safe container, sharing vunerable stories & great wisdom with each interaction. She is a transformation artist who loves to enlighten people & assist in their personal & professional growth.

If her journey speaks to you & you desire to host her, send us an enquiry below & let's begin a profound connection.

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