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“Antoinette Elizabeth my journey on Empower has been life-changing! The first change that happened was all the veggies in the fridge. But honestly, the health benefits for me is a list so long……

I used to be so sore every day. My shoulders hips and back were so sore I was thinking of changing my job the pain was unbearable almost. Now I have no pain at all!!

I couldn’t sleep at night because of my back pain. I had to sleep with a pillow under my tummy to ease the pain to get some sleep, waking 4-6 times a night trying to get comfortable, sometimes taking up to an hour to get back to sleep. Now I sleep through with no pillows in weird places.

I use to have a sore tummy all the time, needing the toilet 6 times a day and urgently when it happened. Now no sore tummy and normally functioning.

Before Empower if I wasn’t working I was sitting watching a screen. Now I go to the gym. When I first started there my plan was to walk 2km in 20 mins, it took me 25 mins slowly I have got that to 18:30!! Never did I think I would feel so fit and strong. People at the gym now ask if they can join me on my workouts and I tell them what to do.

In the beginning, I weighed 140kg I now weigh 128kg that’s a loss of 12kg! And I have 4 days to go. Not that I’m stopping!
The nutrition that I have learned over this time is unbelievable!!

I’m going to miss having you at my fingertips.

I use to go to the chiropractor once a month. I no longer need her. I’m sure she misses me.

Needless to say, I was tired all the time and lethargic, now I’m trying to get my family to do stuff it will happen.

To sum it all up. Thank you so very much!! I can’t imagine going back to all of that. You really have changed my life in 8 weeks. My plan is to carry on with all the tools you have given me. I recommend Empower to everyone that is thinking of giving it a go.”

J x


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J’s Testimonial

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“I absolutely love her – she fits perfectly!

Thanks again for another beautiful piece from your collection…

I can’t wait to see what is waiting for me next. She arrived perfectly packaged & it’s always such a treat to receive a parcel from you. Thank you”

Amy’s Testimonial

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“Thank you so much, it arrived yesterday. Amazing packaging and contents! It smelt gorgeous before I had even opened it up. Take care – Wendy”

Wendy Fluorite Pendant

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I was very lucky & won your Christmas competition! Thank you soooo much. My items are just sooo beautiful, finally wore my beautiful pendant today & the pics don’t show its true beauty x

Susan Liverton

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I love my new mala necklace.
The colours are absolutely beautiful and I feel they were chosen for me by a friend who knows me so well.

Antoinette put so much time and effort into choosing just the perfect combination for me. I carry it with me in my bag, use it in meditations and gain great solace from it. I am ordering one for my daughter for Christmas. She loves mine and plays with it when she is tired, I am sure she gains a sense of peace when it is near.

The crystal is stunning and it is the perfect complement to the calm colours used. XX

Fran Hancock

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Such an awesome program! I have just finished week 8 and the transformations are incredible … you get out what you put in and the support and guidance is there from Antoinette Elizabeth every step of the way x.

Jodi Osborne

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Just love your energy, your aura. How blessed we are to have you as an Earth Angel Antoinette xx.

Judie Roberts, Psychic

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I wanted to thank you for my beautiful piece – all the detailing from the personal message to the dried flowers and oils. Heaven!


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Antoinette, thank you so much for being our guest Coach for last month, absolutely awesome and some great feedback from your workouts! I’m sure the members will continue to enjoy your videos and new members who come on board. Have a great week and thanks again! – Wick Nixon, Wicked Wellbeing

Wick Nixon, Wicked Wellbeing

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Magical. No other words to describe the space that is held. I came out of the retreat feeling like a new woman. 4 days of solitude, yet powerful connection, that I will never forget


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What Is Aerial Yoga & What Are Its Benefits?

What Is Aerial Yoga & What Are Its Benefits? Practicing yoga has long been considered one of the best ways to stay fit & release stress. While traditional yoga is great for the mind & body, Aerial Yoga has a few additional benefits. Soon we will be rolling out Aerial Yoga classes & we encourage […]

My Morning Rituals / Non-Negotiables…

My Morning Rituals / Non-Negotiables… Where I fill my Joy cup to the brim! There are 2 things I do as soon as I wake, sometimes the order is reversed depending on how I am feeling… meditation & movement. Meditation. My meditation can be anywhere from 3 minutes to 20 minutes. I don’t hold myself […]

How To Use Your Crystals

How to use your Crystals Their uses are diverse & plentiful, here are a few ways you can begin to use yours for healing: – Wear your Crystals This may be in the form of a Pendant, Ring, Bracelet or Earrings. – Carry your Crystals Possibly a Tumble Stone or Flat Stone in your pocket, […]



What are Your PRANA's packages / courses?

  • EMPOWER is our accountability kickstarter 8-week online course
  • IGNITE is our ultimate 26-week package – contains the very best we have to offer!
  • Food Sensitivity Testing Package (6 Coaching Sessions)
  • Epigenetic Testing Package (6 Coaching Sessions)
  • Hormone & Adrenal Dysfunction Testing Package (6 Coaching Sessions)
  • Blood Testing Analysis Package (6 Coaching Sessions)

For further details visit our Services Page
Or Email

What are Your PRANA's Services?

  • Personal Health Appraisal
  • Movement & Rehab Coaching / Personal Training
  • Intuitive Nutrition
  • Holistic Health Coaching
  • EMPOWER 8 Week Course
  • IGNITE 26 Week Program
  • Yoga Classes
  • Food Sensitivity Testing
  • Hormone & Adrenal Dysfunction Testing
  • Epigenetic Testing
  • Blood Testing Analysis
  • Adrenal Stress (ASI) Assessment
  • Toxic Load Assessment
  • Goal Setting & Habit Reversal Strategies
  • Mindful Meditation

For further details visit our Services Page
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How much are Your PRANA's services?

Classes begin at $15 on concession

The remainder of our services varies greatly. We customize & create each service so it is %100 unique to you – because you are a completely different individual than your neighbour or best friend.

For an accurate gauge, visit our Services Page or Email

How do I book a service / consultation?

For private consultations: Book Here

For private classes & workshops: Book Here

Or alternatively Email:

Where is Your PRANA located?

Your PRANA is located at 2 Aranga Road, Kerikeri.

We also have our online store, PRANA Collective

And we provide Private Coaching / Consultations online with PRANA Body

Does Your PRANA offer classes?

Yes, Classes & Workshops are run weekly.

On request & for special groups we can cater for:
– Yoga Classes
– Circuit Training
– Corporate Groups
– Seniors Classes
– Boxing Training
– Balance Classes

For further details visit our Services Page
Or Email

How much is freight?

$5 standard shipping within New Zealand.
An additional $5 charge will occur for larger items & / or items traveling to rural destinations. For international orders, please contact us directly.

Where is Your PRANA located?

Your PRANA is an online store & platform.

We offer:
– Online Coaching (Video Conferences)
– Private Coaching in Haruru – Bay Of Islands, NZ
– Private Coaching in Kerikeri – Bay Of Islands, NZ
– Market Sales in Kerikeri – Bay Of Islands, NZ

What is your returns policy?

If you change your mind about the products you have purchased from us, we can exchange those products or offer a store credit (other than custom made pieces, gift cards & seconds), subject to the following conditions:

  • Contact is made within 3 days of purchase & items must be returned within – 14 days of purchase with the original receipt or other proof of purchase
  • You must provide your name and address
  • The returned items must not be on sale or clearance items
  • The returned items must be unused with original tags / labels attached

Faulty Item Returns

You can choose an exchange, store credit or refund if an item has a major problem. Please keep your proof of purchase – e.g. your receipt. Pick-up & delivery is not included. If the piece has a manufacturers fault, under the Consumers Guarantees Act you are entitled to a replacement, exchange, store credit or refund for a major failure. Please be sure to read & follow the care guidelines as Your PRANA will not be responsible for any damaged caused by the consumer. Please contact us immediately to discuss any issues.

How do I keep my jewels looking amazing?

We wanted to share with you how to cleanse & re-energize your crystals & explain why it’s so important. Each full moon brings with it so much energy & your gems can harness this. Believe it or not, your crystals hold on to the energy they take in from you & their environment. Just like you do… Try & form a ritual of purifying their vibrations on a regular basis.

There are many different methods used to cleanse gems. Our preferred way uses water & involves the full moon. This will give them a deep energy clearing. When you have a relaxing soak with your candles & bath salts you feel amazing & refreshed. Same sort of concept. For us to function at our optimum level we need to take care of ourselves constantly.

You want to ensure your crystals are in the best shape to provide you with their healing properties. When the moon is full & at her brightest, it is the most powerful time to release the energy that is no longer serving you. Gather your gems & gently wash them in purified water the day prior to the full moon. You can listen to peaceful music & repeat a personal mantra while washing them. It will ground you in the moment & keep your energy strong. You may gently repeat a phrase in your mind. The repeating of your mantra / chanting is totally optional of course!

Once all of your gems have been washed & dried, place them on the earth for their full moon bath. If you are unable to place them directly on the ground, any natural surface will suffice. The following day let them charge with the sunrise for an hour or two before collecting them to come inside again. Many crystals like Amethyst, Aquamarine, Citrine, Fluorite, Rose Quartz & Smoky Quartz, for example, will fade in direct sunlight so be cautious not to leave them out during the day for an extended period.

Now the Moon & Sun have shared their energy with your crystals it’s now your time to charge them with your intentions. Charging them with your intentions helps them stay focused. After you have charged them it is best not to let others handle them as they will absorb their energy. Unless you have specifically charged your crystals for another person.

You can charge all of your crystals at once by imagining them soaked in healing energy. They can also be charged individually or in groups. It’s really up to you, there is no right or wrong way to charge them, let your intuition be your guide.

Now it’s time to close the cleansing & charging ritual with a thank you prayer. Simply thank Mother Earth for the ways in which she supports all life & your gems for all the work they do & will do for you.

Acknowledge all of the elements that came together to create these healing tools to seal in their healing vibrations & remind us of what matters most in our hearts.

Does Your PRANA cater for custom designs?

We can accept custom designs on specific jewellery if we have the gems to do so. Please send us an inquiry with your request & we will do our best to accommodate you.

What are your Events, Workshops & Seminars?

  • Foodie Workshops – cooking demonstrations, food tasting & education
  • Educational Seminars – delving deeper into the mechanics of the body
  • Public Speaking / Events – Antoinette (owner / director) sharing her story
  • Wellness Retreats – designed to enhance your vitality, purpose & strength
  • Crystal Workshops – education of crystals, their formation, properties & uses
  • Mala Workshops – learn, design & create your own Buddhist prayer beads
  • Doterra Essential Oil Workshops – discover the benefits & many uses of oils

For further details visit our Events Page
Or Email

How much are Your PRANA's events, workshops & seminars?

Each offering is incredibly unique.

For exact details visit our Events Page
Or Email

How do I book an event, workshop or seminar?

For booking details visit our Events Page
Or Email

Where are Your PRANA's events, workshops & seminars located?

We operate in Northland primarily at different venues & occasionally travel NZ to host Foodie Workshops in the different regions.

For locations visit our Events Page
Or Email

How do I arrange to host an event, workshop or seminar in my area?

We welcome collaboration & invitations to speak / host events further afield.

If you feel our message of enhancing vitality, purpose & strength resonates with you & your team – we’d be delighted to hear from you!

Please connect with us via Email:

We’d love to hear your vision & which event resonates with you:

  • Foodie Workshops
  • Educational Seminars
  • Public Speaking / Events
  • Wellness Retreats
  • Crystal Workshops
  • Mala Workshops
  • Doterra Essential Oil Workshops

We look forward to working with you!

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