The Wonderous Rare Sumatran Blue Amber

The Wonderous Rare Sumatran Blue Amber


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Introducing the rare magic of Sumatran Blue Amber! What is most distinctive about Sumatran Blue Amber compared with other Amber varieties is that Sumatran Amber has 4 optical features.
  1. In natural lighting, it almost looks black & quite mysterious.
  2. Add a white light & you can see straight through it with its remarkable translucency & it presents a warming orange-to-red hue.
  3. With natural lighting & / or a white light you’ll also witness its blue tone that it’s known for on certain angles.
  4. & in our Fluorescent Gemstone Exhibition you can see its beautiful bright green colour & another fascinating aspect under this light is that it now looks opaque & no longer translucent!

It’s like 4 incredible stones in one! Blue Amber has also been dated & pieces vary from 20-100 million years old.

& for those of you interested in the metaphysical properties of Sumatra Blue Amber, it encourages feelings of warmth & comfort. Allow it to assist in moving through grief, nurturing your soul.

We uploaded them today & if you’d like to see their magic for yourself, they are currently on display in our gallery.

Honestly, these are mind-blowing! It might be our new favourite! For now at least x


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