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Sapphire Russian Twist Ring #2320

Sapphire Russian Twist Ring #2320

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  • This ring is a size 8, approximately 18 mm in diameter
  • There are 12 Sapphires set within this ring, a total of 4 on each of the 3 bands
  • Each band is interlocking, all 3 are united with one another
  • All our rings are handcrafted beautiful designs set in 925 Sterling Silver and are Platinum plated for extra brilliance & it is gentler for sensitive skin types

Introducing our Sapphire Russian Twist Ring. May this ring be a symbol of your past, present & future. Fond memories, this current moment in time & of all the beauty, life is yet to reward you with.

We love to embrace the individuality of every soul & our jewellery line follows this ethos. Contact us here if you desire a video of this exquisite ring.

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