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Kundalini Citrine Cluster #2098

Kundalini Citrine Cluster #2098

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This piece is approximately 345 grams, 100 x 70 x 70 mm & originates from DRC (Congo) Africa.

Kundalini Citrine is specifically defined by large points, that have many small crystal points forming a cluster that surrounds the main points base. Kundalini Citrine is an incredibly rare & magnificent stone.

Clusters are a collection of crystal points that are formed in an open environment & are in euhedral form (meaning crystals that are well-formed, with sharp, easily recognized faces).

They emit an incredible amount of energy due to their numerous crystal points. & as clusters form from various stones (clear quartz, amethyst & smoky quartz… naming only a few), they have varying metaphysical properties. However, the cluster structure itself is brilliant at transforming undesired energies into pleasant vibrations & welcomes plenty of clarity & light into any situation.

When you have a cluster that is whole or you have both halves, you can gift the other half to someone you hold dear to create a stronger bond with them, ultimately bringing you closer together.

Crystal clusters can range from points that are only millimeters in height, to points that are well over 30 centimeters. Smaller crystal clusters that are typically millimeters in height, can also be referred to as crystal druse or druzy.

Also, if you have a meditation practice (either starting out or well-established), they are well-known to assist in this practice. Helping you to create a stronger internal bond with yourself & allowing you to gradually alter your outlook on life for the better.

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