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Hematoid Quartz Flame (Golden Healer) #1756

Hematoid Quartz Flame (Golden Healer) #1756

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  • Approximately 170 x 100 x 70 mm
  • Approximately 1596 grams
  • This Hematoid Quartz Flame (Golden Healer) originates from Madagascar

Hematoid Quartz is Quartz with Iron inclusions, specifically with Hematite. Because of the Iron inclusions, the colours vary from red to yellow. Yellow Hematoid Quartz is also referred to as Golden Healer & Red Hematoid Quartz is referred to as Fire Quartz.

Carvings are created when the artist sees the image of the piece within the stone, before it is even touched & in its natural rough state. The vision comes & then they intuitively begin to create what they see in their mind.

As they carve, they work with the natural beauty within the stone, allowing the carving to present the best features of the piece.

May you see the beauty within this carving & witness the artists fine work as they brought their vision to life.

Contact us here if you desire a video of this exquisite piece.

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