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Garnet Extravagance Ring #2289

Garnet Extravagance Ring #2289

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  • This ring is a size 10, approximately 20 mm in diameter with a 5x7 mm setting.
  • The accent stones set within this Extravagance Ring are White Topaz.
  • All our rings are handcrafted beautiful designs set in 925 Sterling Silver. We love to embrace the individuality of every soul & our jewellery line follows this ethos.

Discover everything you'd like to know about Garnet in our Stone Encyclopedia: Garnet

May this ring remind you that your love is extravagant & incredibly powerful. Love unconditionally, be that little bit extra! Have faith that your extravagant love for yourself & for others will be seen, reflected back to you & multiplied several times over.

You’ll also note all our settings have an open backing, not a solid one. This is so that when we set a translucent stone in one of our pieces, light can pass through the stone & allow the vibrancy & translucency to really come to light. Allowing the design & the stone itself, to be admired in full detail.

Contact us here if you desire a video of this exquisite ring.

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