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Carnelian and Quartz Geode Egg #1957

Carnelian and Quartz Geode Egg #1957

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This piece is approximately 1683 grams, approximately 150 x 100 x 90 mm & originates from Madagascar.

Geodes & caves radiate their energy in all directions & gift a different perspective on life, whilst assisting with personal growth & character. May your stone invite you to look inward & address the phenomenal magic you hold within yourself. There is an unknown magic within everything & everyone, these wonders of the earth are proof of this.

Geodes & caves can be formed in two ways. First is when a gas is trapped in a lava flow, creating a gas pocket that can't expand, which leaves a cavity after the lava hardens & cools. The second is when minerals enter an empty cavity left by fossils, animal burrows, mud deposits, tree roots or other stones.

They are hollow on the inside & are lined with beautiful crystals & when lined with smaller crystals the interior can also be referred to as crystal druse or druzy. Also, the name geode actually originates from the Greek language & translates to 'earthlike'

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