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Raise Your PRANA Holistic Lifestyle Transformation 8 Week Online Program

Raise Your PRANA Holistic Lifestyle Transformation 8 Week Online Program

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  • Feel renewed in just 1 WEEK!
  • Notice confidence, passion & drive re-appear in 2 weeks!
  • Observe a lighter, happier belly in 3 weeks!

If that happens in your first 3 weeks… IMAGINE what’s possible in 8 WEEKS!

Raise Your PRANA is a 360-degree, holistic approach to your health – Mind, Body & Spirit.

A complete lifestyle transformation awaits you! It's time to STOP putting everyone else ahead of you. Let us guide you on your wellness journey as we dive into all of the below together:

  • Weekly Tasks
  • Personal Health Appraisal
  • Holistic Health Coaching
  • Nutrition Coaching
  • Nutritional Diary
  • Customized Recipes
  • Movement Coaching
  • Movement Plan
  • Rehab Techniques
  • Progress Check-ins
  • Adrenal Stress Investigation
  • Weekly Measurements
  • Accountability Diary

Raise Your PRANA will lead you to the greatest vitality & strength you have ever experienced! Let someone genuinely care about your health for a change. We will not brush your complaints & symptoms aside, we are souls who genuinely care about you & your journey! Together let’s delve deeper into…

  • MOVEMENT – Addressing how you function vs how you ‘want to function’ plus what actions make you feel alive & happy
  • NUTRITION – Looking into the habits surrounding what goes in your belly, the foods that don’t sit well & your comfort foods
  • GOALS, PASSIONS & ASPIRATIONS – Finding what makes you feel alive & using that as your driving force
  • MINDFUL MEDITATION TECHNIQUES – How you conduct your internal dialog, discovering tools to quieten the shadow thoughts & embrace the lighter side of yourself
  • EPIGENETICS – Understanding how your environment affects your Gene Expression, learning how unique you are, what you can do to harness that & how to be your highest self
  • DAILY TASKS – Discovering what serves you, distinguishing what no longer serves you & begin forming habits that will amplify your health
  • REVEALING YOUR IKIAGI (reason for being) – Realizing where you are presently & where you would like to be – what your future holds

YOU matter, you honestly do, what you feel, MATTERS! Don’t settle for quick FIX band-aids – you know they NEVER work. Your current situation could lead you down the rabbit hole further… Don’t let it – you have everything to gain!

Raise Your PRANA is a Complete Holistic Model.

A 360-Degree Approach to YOUR Health.


Together let's increase your vitality, discover your purpose & transform your energy.

Evolve your superpowers!

Purchase Raise Your PRANA today & begin your lifestyle transformation today! You have everything to gain!

We look forward to witnessing your amazing journey over the next 8 weeks & celebrating your incredible achievements!

  1. To begin the Raise Your PRANA program, simply select 'Add To Cart'.
  2. Then, check your email & all you desire to begin week 1 will be ready & awaiting you!

Or, if you desire an initial consultation, book in with Antoinette Elizabeth here: Initial Consultation.

For further inquiries connect with us via our Contact Page 

Note: Private 1-1 coaching & mentoring is available with Antoinette on request. For further details visit our Private 1-1 Coaching & Mentoring Page.

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