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Lightning Ridge N4 Black Opal #1632

Lightning Ridge N4 Black Opal #1632

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This Lightning Ridge Australian Opal Cabochon is ready to be set in the design of your dreams.

The colours presented in this stone are outstanding & the colour play when held in the light is enough to make your heart sing.

Carat: 5.50
Length & width: 18.44 x 14.53 mm
Thickness: 3.54
Type: N4 Black Opal
Colour: Blue / Green
Source: Lightning Ridge, Australia

All our Opal Cabochons are whole Opals (no doublets or triplets) & they are ethically sourced through our family with a mining claim at Lightning Ridge.
If you’d like to see certain colours, carats & shapes please advise your preferences by connecting with us here.
Email if you desire a video of this Opal.
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