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Hematoid Quartz Freeform (Golden Healer) #1679

Hematoid Quartz Freeform (Golden Healer) #1679

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  • Approximately 120 x 70 x 40 mm
  • Approximately 457 grams
  • This Hematoid Quartz (Golden Healer) Palm Stone originates from Madagascar

Hematoid Quartz is Quartz with Iron inclusions, specifically with Hematite. Because of the Iron inclusions, the colours vary from red to yellow. Yellow Hematoid Quartz is also referred to as Golden Healer & Red Hematoid Quartz is referred to as Fire Quartz.

A freeform is when the carver has been guided by the stone, using the stone's energy & intuitive guidance.

They carve the stone into a shape that best presents the stone's impeccable beauty & intricate detail that has been remarkably formed by mother nature.

May the age of the stone, depth of detail & mother nature's amazing ability to form the stone, speak for itself.

Contact us here if you desire a video of this exquisite piece.


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