How Do I Cleanse My Stones?

How Do I Cleanse My Stones?

We wanted to share with you how to cleanse & re-energize your stones & explain why it’s so important. Each full moon brings with it so much energy & your stones can harness this. Believe it or not, your stones hold onto the energy they take in from you & their environment. Just like you do… Try & form a ritual of purifying their vibrations on a regular basis.

There are many different methods used to cleanse stones & this is a general guide. However, if you’d like to have cleansing knowledge for specific stones, visit our Stone Encyclopedia for an in-depth guide.


Our preferred way uses water & involves the full moon (the use of water is dependent on the stone type, as some are not water friendly). This will give them a deep energy cleansing. When you have a relaxing soak with your candles & bath salts you feel amazing & refreshed. Same sort of concept. For us to function at our optimum level & embrace our highest self, we need to take care of ourselves constantly. You want to ensure your stones are in their best shape too.


When the moon is full & at its largest, it is the most powerful time to release energy that is no longer serving you. Gather your stones & gently wash them in purified water the day prior to the full moon. You can listen to music & perhaps dance or sing while washing them. It will ground you in the moment & keep your intention strong. As you wash them you may also like to repeat a phrase in your mind or aloud. The repeating of your mantra / affirmation is totally optional of course!


Once all of your stones have been washed & dried, place them on the earth for their full moon bath. If you are unable to place them directly on the ground, any natural surface will suffice. The following day let them charge with the sunrise for an hour or two before collecting them to come inside again.


Many stones like Amethyst, Citrine, Fluorite, Rose Quartz & Smoky Quartz, for example, will fade in direct sunlight so be cautious not to leave them out during the day for an extended period.


Now the Moon & Sun have shared their energy with your stones, it’s time to charge them with your intentions. Charging them with your intentions helps them & you remain focused until you repeat this practice again on the next full moon. After you have charged them, it is best not to let others handle your personal stones, as they will absorb their energy. Unless, you have specifically charged your stones for another person.


You can charge all of your stones at once by visualizing them & solidifying your intention. You may repeat your intention, perhaps write it down – set your intention in a way that resonates with you. They can also be charged with your intention individually or in groups. It’s really up to you, there is no right or wrong way to charge them, let your intuition be your guide.


Now, it’s time to close the cleansing & charging ritual with a thank you prayer. Simply thank Mother Earth for the ways in which she supports all life, the beauty she has created & the stones that you have been blessed.


Lastly, take a moment to reflect & feel gratitude for all you have in your life. Embracing this moment, what lead you to this point & all the magic that is yet to come forward for you.


Acknowledge & remember what matters most in your heart.



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