Food Sensitivity Testing

Last year I had my Food Sensitivity Test done, & now I’m doing it again!

It confirmed for me that most Meats (especially Seafood, Chicken & Pork) were not for me, Diary was a hell no (Dutch Blue Cheese fan my whole life! ), Pineapple, Banana’s, Alcohol was an intense AVOID, Soy, Gluten & Caffeine were all foods making my life a little less vibrant…

What made them not the best for me?

Basically, every time I ate one of those food groups, I dulled. My body had an immune response that said, No – I’m not happy. My Gut Biome was compromised, I experienced Malabsorption, I couldn’t take in essential nutrients my body craved, meaning my immunity was severely reduced…

& quite often, consuming one of those food groups, lead me to fall ill not long after.

A great example of the power of your Gut Health!

If your gut is not right – Your ability to fight off anything is severely reduced. Hello, weakened Immune System.

When consumed, my body treated those foods as Space Invaders, sending off alarm bells. Signaling a bug, virus or dis-ease had entered the body & action must be taken immediately.

So my body responded in true form, (like ours all do) & tried to attack the invader. & when these foods were consumed regularly, it meant that my body was always on high alert, fighting the good fight, not ever taking a break.

My body’s reactions to these foods were screams for help, the symptoms were the ‘Save me, I’m on a desert island ‘ signs!

So why did I ‘NEED’ to take action?

In today’s society, there are so many stressors that externally impact us, we could easily fall surrender to the chaos.

But I wanted to do whatever I could to reduce & eliminate the stressors / symptoms that I was experiencing internally, so I could find more strength & focus for life, my external environment.

Giving myself the opportunity to experience my greatest Vitality. Have a happy body!

I would be distraught, absolutely beside myself if a dis-ease like Cancer, came upon me & I had allowed my immune system to remain compromised, knowing I had all the skills / knowledge to give it the best fighting chance.

Now, if something like Cancer, does come knocking, at least I know in my heart of hearts, I have done everything within my power to prevent it & that I have a great fighting spirit.

Knowing how to strengthen my immune system, sees my body thriving, gifting the ability to tackle anything…

Powered Up & Head On!

& last year that meant an elimination protocol of those foods & an investigation into amazing, life-changing, gut-healing nourishment.

Life was so much better for that process, that I am now doing it again!

Exploring what else I can discover…?

How else can I enhance my Immunity, Strength & radiate Vitality?!

So here I go…
On a mission of self-love gifting back to my amazing belly & my Gut Biome within.
Wish to go on a Gut Healing Journey & complete your own Food Sensitivity Testing?  It’s super easy!

Our postal system is an amazing advantage here – I can send you your OWN testing kit to complete at home, very straight forward & simple.

Then all you have to do is package it up (postage details & bag will be included) send it to our laboratory & I’ll personally guide you through your results, creating an amazing path forward for YOU.

Enhance Your Vitality…
Arrange your Food Sensitivity Testing Kit TODAY.

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