Tips for back pain

Here are some handy TIPS to get you FEELING Stronger, in Less Agony (reduce inflammation) & Moving with a bit more life & freedom.

Back Pain / Core Stability / Posture
• Belly Button String pull in & up (toward rear lower ribs)
• Expand / Open your collar bones (draw shoulders down)
• Lift tall through the crown of your head (grow taller)

• Eat as clean as possible (whole, naturally occurring foods)
• Ditch sugar to the curb (alternatives, dates & bananas)
• Minimize processed foods (Instead, try clean muffins)

Gentle, Nourishing Movement
• Cat-Cow variations (kneeling, seated, standing)
• Stretches as soon as you wake (at least 5 minutes)
• Walk for 20 minutes daily (wake your body, receive Vit D)

Try the above for 1 week & you are guaranteed to notice improvements in your vitality!

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