Welcome, I’m Antoinette! I founded Your PRANA so I may focus on enhancing the vitality, purpose & strength in every soul.

My passion for this industry leads me back 13 years, beginning with Les Mills in Christchurch. Since then, I have evolved from a Personal Trainer to now being a Movement & Rehabilitation Consultant, Nutritionist, Holistic Health Practitioner, Yoga Teacher, Business Advisor & Jewellery Designer. I also hold a huge passion for mother nature & her magnificent formations of minerals.

I have persisted with challenges & learned the lessons each journey held for me, moving through & rising above them. My intuition has led me down this amazing path & I am soul grateful to have discovered my dharma – my purpose in life.

I thoroughly enjoy the learning process, & consider myself a student of life. If you are seeking to Evolve, Raise & Ignite Your PRANA (your consciousness & energy), I would be delighted to guide you through a transformational journey.



Hi, I’m Chris!

Being raised in Canada I have gained experience in many walks of life including athletics, coaching, labour work, management positions, survival skills, & the list goes on… I have worked in the fitness industry for over 10 years & during this time have also been intertwined with the entertainment world in NYC, LA, across Canada, the UK & now New Zealand.

I was fortunate to manage & act as the head trainer of a high-performance gym, where I was then recruited to the top personal training facility in Canada at the time. Working with athletes on a path to the Olympics & those already at the professional level. With my wilderness response background, I worked with service members in emergency response of all form’s. Clients with various injuries came to me to build upon recovery, even some who were just completing goals on their “bucket list” & everything in between. This wide range of people allowed me to see what it was that created efficient movement.

I have been developing training systems for over 10 years & have had the privilege to learn from some of the world’s top minds in aspects such as exercise therapy, functional movement, fascial tissue, mind to body connections, powerlifting, bodybuilding, obstacle racing & movement assessment / analysis. I have developed detailed programs that I have passed on to other trainers to help people realize their true potential.

My goal is to get you to the point where you are confident in your own movement & mindset that you no longer need me, but see the benefits in having me.

I will never ask you to do something I know you can’t do; I will aid you in seeing what you are capable of.


Van Oorschot

Hi, I’m Hannah!

A mama, lover of nature, student, & teacher of yoga. I began my journey of yoga in high school, where I took my first class with my Mum.

In 2016, I headed to India where I completed my first training which was an amazing experience in understanding myself. In 2019 I completed my Diploma of Yoga Teaching through Wellpark & also specialized in training of pregnancy & postnatal yoga.

I love teaching yoga & allowing students to connect with their own bodies, finding what makes them feel good.

I look forward to meeting you all on the mat x



Kia Ora,  I’m Eden!

I live for chasing waterfalls, last-minute adventures & connecting with new people to hear their amazing stories.

I’ve mainly worked in tourism but my passion has always been holistic tools / practices & discovering their magic. I am a qualified Access Consciousness Bars Practitioner, studying to be a Naturopath focusing on self-sufficiency.

I’m so blessed to be a part of the PRANA Tribe where I can live my passion every day!