“Antoinette Elizabeth my journey on Empower has been life-changing! The first change that happened was all the veggies in the fridge. But honestly, the health benefits for me is a list so long……

I used to be so sore every day. My shoulders hips and back were so sore I was thinking of changing my job the pain was unbearable almost. Now I have no pain at all!!

I couldn’t sleep at night because of my back pain. I had to sleep with a pillow under my tummy to ease the pain to get some sleep, waking 4-6 times a night trying to get comfortable, sometimes taking up to an hour to get back to sleep. Now I sleep through with no pillows in weird places.

I use to have a sore tummy all the time, needing the toilet 6 times a day and urgently when it happened. Now no sore tummy and normally functioning.

Before Empower if I wasn’t working I was sitting watching a screen. Now I go to the gym. When I first started there my plan was to walk 2km in 20 mins, it took me 25 mins slowly I have got that to 18:30!! Never did I think I would feel so fit and strong. People at the gym now ask if they can join me on my workouts and I tell them what to do.

In the beginning, I weighed 140kg I now weigh 128kg that’s a loss of 12kg! And I have 4 days to go. Not that I’m stopping!
The nutrition that I have learned over this time is unbelievable!!

I’m going to miss having you at my fingertips.

I use to go to the chiropractor once a month. I no longer need her. I’m sure she misses me.

Needless to say, I was tired all the time and lethargic, now I’m trying to get my family to do stuff it will happen.

To sum it all up. Thank you so very much!! I can’t imagine going back to all of that. You really have changed my life in 8 weeks. My plan is to carry on with all the tools you have given me. I recommend Empower to everyone that is thinking of giving it a go.”

J x


Think Empower is ideal for you & want to know more?

Read on here…  http://yourprana.com/courses/empower

J’s Testimonial

“I absolutely love her – she fits perfectly!

Thanks again for another beautiful piece from your collection…

I can’t wait to see what is waiting for me next. She arrived perfectly packaged & it’s always such a treat to receive a parcel from you. Thank you”

Amy’s Testimonial

“Thank you so much, it arrived yesterday. Amazing packaging and contents! It smelt gorgeous before I had even opened it up. Take care – Wendy”

Wendy Fluorite Pendant

I was very lucky & won your Christmas competition! Thank you soooo much. My items are just sooo beautiful, finally wore my beautiful pendant today & the pics don’t show its true beauty x

Susan Liverton

I love my new mala necklace.
The colours are absolutely beautiful and I feel they were chosen for me by a friend who knows me so well.

Antoinette put so much time and effort into choosing just the perfect combination for me. I carry it with me in my bag, use it in meditations and gain great solace from it. I am ordering one for my daughter for Christmas. She loves mine and plays with it when she is tired, I am sure she gains a sense of peace when it is near.

The crystal is stunning and it is the perfect complement to the calm colours used. XX

Fran Hancock

Such an awesome program! I have just finished week 8 and the transformations are incredible … you get out what you put in and the support and guidance is there from Antoinette Elizabeth every step of the way x.

Jodi Osborne

Just love your energy, your aura. How blessed we are to have you as an Earth Angel Antoinette xx.

Judie Roberts, Psychic

I wanted to thank you for my beautiful piece – all the detailing from the personal message to the dried flowers and oils. Heaven!


Antoinette, thank you so much for being our guest Coach for last month, absolutely awesome and some great feedback from your workouts! I’m sure the members will continue to enjoy your videos and new members who come on board. Have a great week and thanks again! – Wick Nixon, Wicked Wellbeing

Wick Nixon, Wicked Wellbeing