SLEEP – Not Getting Enough?
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SLEEP – It’s a fickle thing!
Unfortunately, so fickle, that most of us can’t seem to master it.

Our ancestors stayed in sync with the 24-hour clock by watching the rise & set of the sun. On Earth, the sun is the primary timekeeper that distinguishes day & night. So it’s not surprising that it is the primary timekeeper for our bodies as well.

One of our most influential inventions of modern times is electric light. Access to artificial light creates a paradoxical environment where we habitually get less light intensity exposure throughout the day & experience less sunlight than our ancestors did, & with these great inventions, it means that we are getting overexposed to artificial light well after sunset.

Light-emitting devices live televisions, computers, cell phones & tablets exacerbate this problem. Off rhythm, light exposure results in both a weaker circadian rhythm & a delayed circadian rhythm that encourages late bedtimes & makes getting up in the morning tough.

Want to experience better quality SLEEP?
Actually, feel Refreshed?

Try just 1 of the below.
Or, ALL!

Discover which suits you…

1) Watch The Sunrise
When researches exposed people to growing lights & colours of the sunrise, they saw a 50% drop in mood disorders, an increase in morning alertness, & a greater circadian rhythm.

2) Get Morning Light
Once you are up – you require 20 – 30 minutes of sunshine at the start of your day. A strong dose & the sooner, the better. Perhaps eat breakfast outside or enjoy your morning cuppa on your doorstep. One of the first things you will experience is your sleep hormone, melatonin dissipates faster & your wake up hormone, cortisol kicks into gear much faster.

3) Get Midday Sunlight
This is like a top-up, it re-energizes you & amps up your vitamin D levels further. Preventing disorders such as SAD – seasonal affective disorder. Depending on your skin tone, location, time of year, etc the time spent in the sun during midday varies. A good rule to go by is to get as much as you can (have time for) without getting pink.

4) Watch The Sunset
Just as the colours of the sunrise wake you, the evening colours of the sunset wind you down in the evening. The warmth of the sunset, oranges, reds & yellows – programs our brains to prepare for our evening & our sleep. The dimming of light initiates our melatonin, sleepy hormone to kick in & start producing once again.

5) Go Camping!
If your circadian rhythm is really messed up, you should go camping in a tent. No, not in a campervan park riddled with lights. Out in mother nature where it gets really dark. & during the day you can go do something fun, exhilarating. Researchers have found camping in a tent with a campfire as the only source of evening light will reset your circadian rhythm in just one weekend. Yes, one weekend! The more of a night owl you are, the more effective it will be.

When people go out camping & they spend their days out hiking or playing in nature & their nights sleeping in tents, they are exposed to at least 4 times more daylight during the day than they normally are. & not surprisingly, campers are exposed to exponentially less light after sunset.

Most people who go camping can advance their circadian rhythm by about 2 hours. Talk about a RESET!!!

Discover which ACTIONS suit you & START TOMORROW!

What have you got to lose, more sleep? & if you are saying to yourself right now: “I Have No Time”

Then your SLEEP isn’t a priority to you… If you want to feel Refreshed & Energised when you wake, re-assess your priorities.

Record your progress & Report back!

Love to hear how you get on – Antoinette x

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