Wanting a Push to

Get You Moving?

Whether you are into Cross Fit, HIIT, Tabata, or weights – we have you covered. Make the most of your lunchtime or elevate that heart rate before work! We use a great range of equipment, aids & resources that sees each & every one of our clients exceed their goals, time & time again.

A goal of ours for our clients is that after each session, they walk away feeling lighter, happier, educated, relaxed & pain-free. So, no matter your fitness goal; perfecting your burpee technique, nailing walking handstands, or creating a powerful physique.. You are guaranteed to feel empowered each & every time!

Now, Let’s Explain

What's Involved..

Our Personal Training Sessions are a half-hour of pure fitness. Perfect for those wanting to go full steam ahead & get down to business! 

You are different from your neighbour, your closest mate & your parents – there is no ‘one size fits all’ approach. We can advise, teach & guide what matters most to YOU… & not the fella down the road!

So, if you want to be pushed & need that accountability factor – Personal Training is a great place to start. We understand when you can go that little bit further or when you need to relax & focus on your breath. Complete care & guidance – your wellbeing is first & foremost.

Personal Training

How to

Get Started

Our Personal Training Sessions start at $80 per half hour. Book your session below now!

Or, if you would like more info on our Personal Training Sessions.. Connect below, message us on Facebook, call or email x