How Can Movement & Rehab Consultations

Benefit Your Body & Why Would You Do Them?

One of the main principles we work by is that all movement & exercise must be fun! So all the coaching provided is mixed (you will NEVER experience the same routine twice) exciting & playful. Another very important principle is that all movements must aid us in everyday life so they need to be functional & never hinder us. A goal we have for our clients is that after each session, they walk away feeling lighter, happier, educated, relaxed & pain-free. So no matter your fitness level, symptoms, or restrictions – you are guaranteed to feel fantastic each & every time!

Whether you are searching for permanent fat loss, seeking a powerful core, working with an injury, or wish to transform your appearance – we have you covered. We use a great range of equipment, aids & resources that sees each & every one of our clients exceed their goals, time & time again.

If you want to be pushed & need that accountability factor – Movement & Rehab Consultations is a great place to start. Because of our training & history, it’s very easy to read (yes, without you even speaking!) your body language. We can understand when you can go that little bit further or when you need to relax & focus on your breath. Complete care & guidance – your wellbeing is first & foremost.

Now, Let’s Explain What

Movement & Rehab Consultations Are:

Our Consultations are a mix of Personal Training & Yoga with Physiotherapy & Chiropractic principles applied. Allowing a complete holistic view of your anatomy & the complexities working within each of us.

You are different from your neighbour, your closest mate & your parents – there is no ‘one size fits all’ approach. Epigenetics is a great example of this. This is why the way we educate, has evolved over the past decade. So we can advise, teach & guide what matters most to YOU… & not the fella down the road!

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