How can Movement & Rehab Coaching benefit your body & why would you do it?

One of the main principles we work by is that all movement & exercise must be fun! So all the coaching provided is mixed (you will NEVER experience the same routine twice) exciting & playful. Another very important principle is that all movements must aid us in everyday life so they need to be functional & never hinder us. A goal we have for our clients is that after each session, they walk away feeling lighter, happier, educated, relaxed & pain-free. So no matter your fitness level, symptoms or restrictions – you are guaranteed to feel fantastic each & every time!

Whether you are searching for permanent fat loss, seeking a powerful core, working with an injury or wish to transform your appearance – we have you covered. We use a great range of equipment, aids & resources that sees each & every one of our clients exceed their goals, time & time again.

Oh & if you want to be pushed & need that accountability factor – Movement & Rehab Coaching is a great place to start. Because of our training & history, it’s very easy to read (yes, without you even speaking!) your body language. We can understand when you can go that little bit further or when you need to relax & focus on your breath. Complete care & guidance – your wellbeing is first & foremost.

Now, let’s explain what Movement & Rehab Coaching is:

Our Coaching is a mix of Personal Training & Yoga with Physiotherapy & Chiropractic principles applied. Allowing a complete holistic view of your anatomy & the complexities working within each of us.

You are different from your neighbour, your closest mate & your parents – there is no one size fits all approach. Epigenetics is a great example of this. This is why the way we educate, has evolved over the past decade. So we can advise, teach & guide what matters most to YOU (& not the fella down the road).

How did Antoinette become so passionate about Movement & Rehab Coaching?

Ever since she was young, she was literally a monkey… climbing on everything, trying to balance on logs, climbing to the top of pine trees to see the sunset & running in the woods while collecting pine cones. You couldn’t stop her from being active – there was no way anyone could hold her back from exploring & trying something new. Though running around on iced lakes wasn’t the safest idea… (she never fell in though!).

She tried her hand at competitive gymnastics & played on the girl’s rugby team at the same time, people always thought it was the oddest of combinations but she didn’t care one bit, she was being her unique self & having a grand old time. So walking into this profession was just a natural progression for her, she didn’t second guess it. She knew what she wanted to do & was going full steam for it.

Movement was what made her happy & everyone else seemed to have such a negative view towards it. Like it was a chore that they hated. She wanted people to see that it could be enjoyable. Introduce them to something that could brighten their life & give them the energy they seek. Share with them the joy she had experienced while providing expertise, guidance & understanding.

How do I begin Movement & Rehab Coaching, what can I do?

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The first step is to make contact – then we can assess where you are at, your goals, if our principles align & how we can create progress for you.

Then we decide on a package that suits your goals & aspirations. Our Movement & Rehab Coaching Packages start at $780 (6 x 60min appointments at $130).

From there it’s simple…
Only thing left to decide is whether we are Coaching Online (Video Calling) or Privately (Bay Of Islands). Now is your TIME. Discover the Vitality & Energy moving with purpose can offer – Connect with us TODAY.

You know what to do.
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