Fridge & cupboards always looking daunting, grocery shopping is a nightmare, constantly reaching for a quick fix & don’t know how to create good, sustainable habits?

Making healthy food simple, convenient & economical is absolutely key in today’s society. We all have those never-ending ‘to-do’ lists rushing about in our heads so we need to make health quick, simplistic, super tasty & fun!

You are full of knowledge already.
We simply want to expand your thoughts & teach you how to begin putting your existing knowledge to great use.

At the end of the day, if we know how to treat our belly’s right, the rest of our body will always function better. We work smarter & are much happier humans for family & friends.

“You know, what you know. Yet you do, what you do.”



Together, we take it one step at a time. We assess your current state & find a way forward that is realistic.

We want you to love your food & love your belly.
Intuitive Nutrition based on your individual scenario & Epigenetic Profile.

Let’s discuss your relationship with food, ASK YOURSELF…

  • If there was a magic pill for feeling fit, healthy, confident & full of energy – would you take it?
  • If there was a magic pill for fat loss – would you take it?
  • What value would you place on that pill? What value do you place on your health, energy & vibrancy?

A specialty of ours is educating you on how to achieve your ultimate health. To succeed in your goals, be active, healthy & vibrant! & to do this, there’s a large emphasis on creating a happy, thriving gut microbiome.

Let’s switch up your perspective on food. Gift knowledge on what will serve you well & teach you how to implement simple, effective changes in your life.

Embrace Rainbows of nutrients & minerals, colour your plate!

Intuitive Nutrition will arm you with the best immune defense. Enabling you to live a long, vibrant & full life, rife with clarity & vision. Immense energy is at your fingers tips!

How to

Get Started

The first step is to make contact – then we can assess where you are at, your goals, if our principles align & how we can create progress for you.From there it’s simple…

The only thing left to decide is whether we are consulting online (video calling) or privately (Bay Of Islands).


Scroll down to book a complimentary 15-minute phone/video consultation to get underway & reveal the new you in weeks!

Antoinette – Your PRANA Expert x