Hormone & Adrenal

Dysfunction Testing

FACT: 80% of all chronic illnesses & disease is due to underlying STRESS.

Are you finding you have constant skin irritations, always feel exhausted, find it hard to recover from day to day? Is a restful night sleep a foreign concept to you?

Life as we know it has increased our stress levels 10 fold compared to 100 years ago. We are surrounded by stress from the moment we wake till we rest in the evening. It comes in many forms – nutritional stress, physical stress, emotional stress, electromagnetic stress & mental stress.

Why should you test your

Adrenal Function?


Your body can’t differentiate where your stress is coming from, it just knows it is under chronic stress & acts accordingly. Stress is damaging to your health, be it mild or prolonged but the depth of which it affects you is in your hands. When we are under stress our nervous system helps us by triggering a sympathetic response. This is known as the ‘Fight or Flight’ response.

This sympathetic response increases our heart rate, blood pressure, water retention, decreases insulin & signals the Adrenal Glands to produce the stress hormones Adrenaline & Cortisol. Gearing your body up to take action, the ‘Fight or Flight’ response, run away from the Tiger.

Let’s say, right now a Tiger was in your midst – your sympathetic response would be triggered & you would run (extremely fast!) to safety. Once you have arrived to safety & you know you are no longer threatened, your nervous system calms down & returns to Homeostasis, it’s normal state. Unfortunately, in todays society we constantly feel like a Tiger is on our tail. Not just occasionally, but all day, every day, for years on end. Do you think this serves your health? NO. It has extreme effects on your body. Producing health implications that can lead to chronic illness & dis-ease.

As stress wears you & your body down, symptoms start to appear. Stress patterns see us move into the 3 phases of Adrenal Dysfunction (Adrenal Fatigue). Know that your symptoms are NOT normal. Symptoms are a sign that your body is not coping with the Stress. The health care system is designed to treat your symptoms.



Our approach is holistic. We want to see you thriving, at optimal health. We aim to prevent symptoms from occurring in the first place & when symptoms are present, we look at your body’s systems as a whole, to reverse symptoms. Getting the to root of the cause, not just treating the latest symptom scenario with a new pill. You have the choice to spend hundreds of thousands treating symptoms, or we can act – address the underlying problem.

Our testing is based on Salvia & produces 4 Cortisol Makers (throughout your day) & your DHEAS morning profile.

Testing for Adrenal Dysfunction / Fatigue using a single blood test from your doctor doesn’t make sense. That only takes one cortisol measure, at one moment in time (generally requested prior to 9am). & if you happen to be in Phase 2 of Adrenal Dysfunction you will quite often be misdiagnosed as ‘Normal’.

We collect samples from you when you first wake, midday, late afternoon & right before you drift off to sleep. Providing us with a complete snap shot of your day, you get to see your full 24-hour pattern. This way, we can put accurate measures in place & act accordingly to increase your Adrenal Function, vitality & overall health.

Understanding your body, your stressors & listening to your Adrenals WILL change your life.

Think you are suffering from

Adrenal Fatigue (HPA Axis Disfunction)?

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Hormone & Adrenal Dysfunction Testing Kits can be delivered to your door, making testing easy. Just complete the Test, send it to the Lab & we take care of the rest.

Our Testing Kits are $549.

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