What is

Holistic Health?

Presenting a full-circle, complete approach to your wellbeing. Accounting for all the facets of your daily life & the environment in which you are surrounded by.

From your sleeping patterns, your breath, work-life, posture, emotional stressors, movement, organ health, body toxicity, right through to your relationships.

Working towards a life that flows with ease. Ensuring you have the ability to find your calm when havoc arises. Allowing you to be well & truly connected with your baseline.



Using Ayurveda & the latest cutting-edge sciences, we assess your state by investigating:

– Blood Chemistry
– Your Emotional Load
– Adrenal Stress Indicators
– Body Toxicity
– Circadian Rhythm
– Functional Testing (Food, Adrenals, Hormones, etc…)
– Your Physical State
– Epigenetics
– Immediate Environment
– Gastrointestinal Tract
– Structural Stressors
– Cellular Hydration
– Sleeping Patterns

Holistic Health Coaching

How could Holistic Health Consultations

benefit YOU?

A Holistic Approach to your life, your health & mindset will change your outlook. Past, Present & Future. Those dear to you will notice. Your advancements may even make them question & begin a holistic practice!

Just 1 of the investigations above can be life-changing, imagine how a complete Health Coaching journey could change your life? The possibilities are Endless!

Begin your Holistic Health Journey, discover what is possible.

How to

Get Started

The first step is to make contact – then we can assess where you are at, your goals, if our principles align & how we can create progress for you.

Scroll down to book a complimentary 15-minute phone/video consultation to get underway & reveal the new you in weeks!


Antoinette – Your PRANA Expert x