Food Sensitivity Testing

Food Sensitivity


FACT: The health of our gut biome is directly linked to our brain & effects our thought processes, focus, effectiveness & stability.

Are you finding you have constant skin irritations, always feel exhausted, find it hard to recover from day to day? Is a restful night sleep a foreign concept to you?

The Food Sensitivity Test confirmed for me that most Meats (especially Seafood, Chicken & Pork) were not for me, Diary was a hell no (Dutch Blue Cheese fan my whole life! ), Pineapple, Banana’s, Alcohol was an intense AVOID, Soy, Gluten & Caffeine were all foods making my life a little less vibrant…

What made them not the best for me?

Basically, every time I ate one of those food groups, I dulled. My body had an immune response that said, No – I’m not happy.

My Gut Biome was compromised, I experienced Malabsorption, I couldn’t take in essential nutrients my body craved, meaning my immunity was severely reduced…

A great example of the power of your Gut Health!

If your gut is not right – Your ability to fight off anything is severely reduced. Hello, weakened Immune System.

Why should you test your

Food Sensitivity?


In today’s society, there are so many stressors that externally impact us, we could easily fall surrender to the chaos.

But I wanted to do whatever I could to reduce & eliminate the stressors/symptoms that I was experiencing internally, so I could find more strength & focus for life, my external environment.

Giving myself the opportunity to experience my greatest Vitality. Have a happy body!

I would be distraught, absolutely beside myself if a dis-ease like Cancer, came upon me & I had allowed my immune system to remain compromised, knowing I had all the skills / knowledge to give it the best fighting chance.

Now, if something like Cancer, does come knocking, at least I know in my heart of hearts, I have done everything within my power to prevent it & that I have a great fighting spirit.

Knowing how to strengthen my immune system, sees my body thriving, gifting the ability to tackle anything…

Powered Up & Head On!

Wish to go on a Gut Healing Journey &

Complete your own Food Sensitivity Testing?

Order your Food Sensitivity Test & let’s find a way to alleviate your symptoms, welcome back balance to your gut biome.

Food Sensitivity Testing Kits can be delivered directly to your door, making testing easy, very straight forward & simple. Just complete the test, send it to our laboratory (postage details & bag will be included) & I’ll personally guide you through your results, creating an amazing path forward for YOU.

Our Testing Kits are $549.

Order your kit to begin your investigation & start living & feeling lighter – It’s only upwards from here!

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