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Epigenetics is the science of how your Environment affects your Gene Expression. Your Gene Expression is 95% ruled by your Environment.

Meaning, your Environmental factors, have the ability to ‘Turn ON / Turn OFF’ the way the Genes you were born with express themselves.



Ready to take the Guess-Work out of Your Health with Epigenetics?


Science has recently made it possible for us to test & reveal Your Epigenetic Profile. To ensure you are living specifically for you, not anyone else.

– Discover when is your ideal time to move, based on YOUR genetics rather than what your current lifestyle predicts?

– What are your ideal foods, best times to eat, portion sizes & fasting – is it for you?

– What kind of movements should you be doing, what actions are you strongest at?

– When is your brain most active, what times of the day do you learn best & when do you need your chill time?

– What are the ideal sleep cycles for your body, how you can best tune in to your circadian rhythm?

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Our Epigenetics Testing is $449, & one on one, private consultation, is included & required to get the testing underway. Extra consultations are $130 per hour.

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