Epigenetic Testing

Epigenetics is the science of how your Environment affects your Gene Expression. Your Gene Expression is 95% ruled by your Environment.

Meaning, your Environmental factors, have the ability to ‘Turn ON / Turn OFF’ the way the Genes you were born with express themselves.

Ready to take the Guess-Work out of Your Health with Epigenetics?

Science has recently made it possible for us to test & reveal Your Epigenetic Profile. To ensure you are living specifically for you (not anyone else). & as your body & environment shifts, the personalized information your receive, alters with you.

– Discover when is your ideal time to move, based on YOUR genetics rather than what your current lifestyle predicts?

– What are your ideal foods, best times to eat, portion sizes & fasting – is it for you?

– What kind of movements should you be doing, what actions are you strongest at?

– When is your brain most active, what times of the day do you learn best & when do you need your chill time?

– What are the ideal sleep cycles for your body, how you can best tune in to your circadian rhythm?

Shall we take a closer look at your health?
Epigenetics holds many of the answers you seek…

What are you doing when the sun comes up? ⁣
Sleeping? Exercising? Preparing for the day? ⁣

There is no one-size-fits-all for the best way to start the day. ⁣

A natural burst of hormones in the morning makes an energetic start to the day healthy for the ‘Activator’. ⁣

But putting a ‘Diplomat’ through a boot-camp class in the morning can create all sorts of negative health issues. ⁣

Starting your day right isn’t hard – all you need to know is what suits your body best – naturally. ⁣

Epigenetics has your answers.

More than that, we can let you know the best time to go to bed, quality sleep hacks, how to keep your energy consistent throughout the day & so much more…

Your Epigenetic Profile is a never-ending source of amazing information!!!

Here are 2 Mindful Facts that were brought to light while researching an ‘Activators’ Epigenetic Profile:

1) “You are good at recalling facts, records, & past events. You will do well at repetitive physical movements. These are due to your dominant use of the left midbrain (C3).

– Tip: Find games that involve recalling facts, like trivia games, which will stimulate your brain in a fun way. Engage in activities that allow for repetitive physical movement such as walking, hiking, cycling & swimming.”

2) “When under intense stress for an extended period of time, you will notice some reactions in your body. Things like inflamed joints, bad skin & even congestion in your head (foggy mind) may be indicators that this is happening.

– Tip: A great way to manage stress is with physical activity. Running, doing an explosive workout, or even playing a loud instrument may help let off steam.”

Now, these are very specific & probably won’t relate to you unless you are a similar Profile to this ‘Activator’…

But – What if, you had access to information like this – that is 100% unique to YOU!

Think of the potential you could UNLOCK within YOU!

Epigenetics is the KEY, open the door to your POTENTIAL.

Intrigued? Click Here to view a brief summary of how Epigenetics works.

Now you have the full picture, let’s discover Your Epigenetic Profile!


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