Wahaika ‘Mouth Of The Fish’ Bronze Sculpture #1754

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Strength, resilience & unity! The moment someone steps into our mineral gallery and sees this piece, it gives a sense of grounding. A space of calm and peace through strength and unity. If you are looking for a conversation starter, this Wahaika is for you! This piece would sit well in an entrance to your board room or the center point of your home.

Tuhina (the artist) sculpted this piece when he had a yearning to dive deep into Maori culture and find his roots. He had the urge to sculpt and ended up sculpting this piece in his uncle’s garage. For him, the creation of this piece represents his cultural journey & the connection he has with friends & whanau both near & far.

Traditionally, a Wahaika is a type of Maori hand weapon, used for hand-to-hand combat. They are usually made from whalebone or wood. Wahaika translates to ‘Mouth of the fish’ which is referring to the notch on the side which is used to catch the enemies weapon. The opposite side above the god-like figure was predominantly used as the striking edge. The god-like figure would usually represent an ancestor or the Maori god of war.

This piece is approximately 630 x 250 x 150 mm

Tuhina Hamuera is the artist who created this magnificent taonga (treasure).

Email info@yourprana.com if you desire a video of this exquisite bronze sculpture.