Serpentinite Porowhita Breastplate Pounamu / Greenstone #2294

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  • This piece is approximately 50 mm in diameter & weighs approximately 30 grams
  • The stone originates from the West Coast of New Zealand
  • This carving is exquisitely translucent & when held to sunlight presents a beautiful deep green glow


A Porowhita (circular) Pounamu symbolizes the circle of life. A reminder that everything has a beginning, middle & end. It will encourage the wearer to move through life’s cycles with grace & confidence. Making the most of each moment & every opportunity.


A Breastplate gifts the wearer strength & offers protection throughout their life. Think of it as a representation of personal armour, a shield, representing great mana (power). May it remind them daily that they are enough, that they are loved & that they have the strength to face anything.


Over time this pounamu will absorb its wearer’s natural body oils, taking on qualities unique only to them. It will harness their energy & its colours & depth of detail will alter beautifully over time.


This magnificent taonga (treasure) was carved by us in our Creative Studio. If you have further questions, our Pounamu FAQ’s page may assist or you are welcome to contact us here. Also, if you desire a video of this exquisite piece let us know & we’ll be delighted to send you one.