Serpentinite Freeform Roimata Pounamu / Greenstone #1947

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This piece is approximately 110 x 10 x 8 mm, weighs 26 grams & originates from the West Coast of New Zealand.


This stone is exquisitely translucent & when held to sunlight presents a beautiful deep green glow!


A Roimata represents a tear drop & a touch stone.


It is a stone the wearer will be called to hold, when they desire comfort. It will gift them the courage they seek & the strength desired to do what must be done.


It also resembles a drop of life, reminding them that they are not alone. It will connect them deeper to their ancestors & the visions of their future generations, which will be guided by their footsteps & present actions.


Over time this pounamu will absorb its wearer’s natural body oils, taking on qualities unique only to them. It will harness their energy & its colours & depth of detail will alter beautifully over time.


Te Ua Hamuera is the artist who carved this magnificent taonga (treasure). All our pounamu is carved with love & beautiful intentions.


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