Serpentinite Crescent Marama (Moon) Pounamu / Greenstone Earrings #2319

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  • These earrings are approximately 30 mm  x 15 mm & the findings are 925 Sterling Silver
  • The stone originates from the West Coast of New Zealand
  • These earrings are exquisitely translucent & when worn in sunlight they present a beautiful deep green glow

May these Crescent Marama (Moon) Pounamu Earrings cement the understanding that everything has a beginning, middle & end. This applies to every scenario, every soul & all of Mother Earth’s creations. A knowing that all is cyclic & that what is felt & witnessed today, will change tomorrow. Let this knowledge be a comfort. May this gift the wearer of these earrings the ability to stand in courage when change arises. Feeling a sense of stability & grounding, even though all is changing. A trust, faith that all is exactly as it is meant to be.

Over time these pounamu earrings will absorb their wearer’s natural body oils, taking on qualities unique only to them. They will harness their energy & the colours & depth of detail will alter beautifully over time.

These magnificent taonga (treasures) were carved by us in our Creative Studio. If you have further questions, our Pounamu FAQ’s page may assist or you are welcome to contact us here. Also, if you desire a video of these exquisite earrings let us know & we’ll be delighted to send you one.

*Please note each set of earrings is hand-carved from stone & each stone has its own unique detailing, so the earrings you receive may vary slightly from the pair featured.