Sapphire Elegance Thread Earrings #2281

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  • These earrings are approximately 95 mm in length with a 6 x 8 mm setting.
  •  All our earrings are handcrafted beautiful designs set in 925 sterling silver. We love to embrace the individuality of every soul & our jewellery line follows this ethos.
  • These earrings can be worn as thread earrings or, for a stunning elongated effect, worn with a butterfly at the end of the thread. 925 sterling silver butterflies are included in this pair.


May these earrings remind you of your elegant feminine nature. Let them inspire a gentler pace, time to gift yourself grace & peace. Slow down & embrace who you really are in your heart.


Did you know Sapphires & Rubies are rarer than Diamonds? In these Elegance Thread Earrings, we have opted to use lab-grown Sapphires, more specifically Sapphires grown by hydrothermal synthesis. We selected these Sapphires as we desire our pieces to be accessible to all. The only difference between a lab-grown & natural gemstone is where they were created. While natural ones are mined from mother nature, lab-grown beauties are grown in high-tech laboratories using incredibly advanced technology. Optically, physically & even atomically lab-grown gemstones are the same as the ones that originate from mother nature. If you desire Sapphires that was crafted by mother nature herself, let us know & we will happily arrange your ideal gemstones for you.


You’ll also note all our settings have an open backing, not a solid one. This is so that when we set a translucent stone in one of our pieces, light can pass through the stone & allow the vibrancy & translucency to really come to light. Allowing the design & the stone itself, to be admired in full detail.


Contact us here if you desire a video of these exquisite earrings.