Passage Of The Mulberry Vessel Andesite Stone Sculpture #1572

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In connection with the artist’s whakapapa (Amie: Maori/European & her husband, Samoan/European) they crafted this piece in tribute to all navigators; past & present; from Oceania to the distant shores of Europe. They also wish to raise awareness for the occupants of the Moana.

This piece encourages the viewer to consider the possible Austronesian Expansion (from 3000 BCE). We all enjoy the ocean, & this carved vessel hints at the navigation of our Austronesian ancestors. The Austronesian migration theory explores one of the world’s greatest migrations from out of Taiwan, reaching from Madagascar, to all of Oceania. There are strong links between archaeological, linguistic, human genetic data, & of the paper mulberry.

The paper mulberry tree, has genetic links from China connecting it with this expansion. The pattern on the prow of the ‘Vessel’ is a Tapa pattern, engraved & then painted in bronze paint to represent the Tapa Cloth. The pattern has a wave-like form in the diamonds & almost a DNA or helix look to the lower part of the design. 

May seafaring & discovery of new species & wonders continue, on a local basis for our children & ourselves; to a worldly scientific scale.

This piece of art is a collaboration of Amie Redpath (stone carver) & her husband, John Lolesi (wood crafter & knot tyer).

This sculpture was crafted from Andesite Stone, Macrocarpa Wood, hand-woven polyester rope, a forged steel pin & painted with acrylic paint. It is approximately 1400 x 520 x 350 mm.