Palo Santo Stick Small #1503

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Palo santo is a beautiful tool for reinvigorating energy. It will add a positive vibration to your stones, your personal energy & the spaces you burn it in. It’s the perfect duo with sage as palo santo invites back in the good vibes after sage has cleared any undesired energies. Palo santo is known as the ‘holy wood’ & is a brilliant tool for raising vibrations. It has a beautiful earthy smell & will invite calm, peace & clarity. It is the wood of the Bursera Graveolens Tree, which is a wild tree native to dry tropical forests of South America. Before you burn your palo santo, we recommend you set an intention. You may repeat this as you burn your palo santo, or keep it in your mind. Once you have tried the combo of palo santo & sage, you’ll never go back to using just one of them, the combination is perfect!