Mortar & Pestle Andesite Stone Large #1602

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Mortar (bowl) & Pestle (pounder)

Seeking a functional work of art that you can use practically in your kitchen, yet still admire its skill, beauty & ancient history? This mortar & pestle will be a fine addition to your kitchen!

Still popular today, particularly known in food preparation; scientists have found ancient mortars & pestles in Southwest Asia that date back to approximately 35000 BC.

Ancient Africans, Sumerians, Egyptians, Polynesians, Native Americans, Chinese, Indians, Greeks, Celts & countless other societies have used mortars & pestles for processing materials & substances by grinding/pounding to a powder or paste for cooking, arts, cosmetics, simple chemicals, ceramics & medicine.

This motar & pestle is the perfect addition to your space & we’d love to hear the multitude of ways you use it.

This piece is approx 220mm L x 160mm W x 160mm D & weighs approx 5747 grams