Lapis Lazuli Meditation Ring #1405

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All our rings are bespoke & one of a kind beautiful designs set in 925 sterling silver. We love to embrace individuality within every soul & our jewellery line follows this ethos.

Our meditation rings were designed for those of us who love to fidget & spin our rings. Simply spin the outer layer bands of the ring with your fingers & take deep breaths, to calm your mind & invite a more focused state.

Also, our meditation rings can also be used to help ground your thoughts whilst practicing meditation (similar to japa malas).

To meditate with your ring, simply take a moment to sit quietly & slowly spin the ring’s outer band. With each rotation, take a deep breath in & out. If you like, you can even count or recite a special affirmation or mantra. With your attention focused on the ring’s movements, you’ll find your mind slowing down & settling into the present. Because your ring is always close by, you can quietly & discreetly meditate at any given moment. Whether you’re sitting at your desk, in your car, or waiting in the doctor’s office.

No matter your location, you can find peace & a sense of calm with your meditation ring.

Antoinette Elizabeth is the designer of this ring & all her pieces are designed with love & beautiful intentions.

This ring is a size 7 & approximately 19mm in diameter & 14mm wide.

Email if you desire a video of this exquisite ring.