Black Moonstone Sphere Medium #1719

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Spheres represent a sense of oneness, wholeness, unity & completion with an added respect for cyclical energies.

As spheres are a completely symmetrical shape, it radiates its energy equally, in all directions & is historically perfect & sacred.

A sphere when held can be incredibly soothing & calming because of its smoother surface. Just imagine you are holding the world in your hands & remember, back to the cyclical energies… this is just a brief moment in time & your world is so much greater than this moment.

Also, the smooth surface of a sphere facilitates clear articulation & helps to keep your communication flowing with grace. Once practiced, may this also gift you an empowered mind with greater awareness & focus. Allowing you to see circumstances from a different perspective…

Gifting you the ability to see the whole picture.

This piece is approximately 288 grams, 60 mm in diameter (measurements excluding the stand) & originates from Madagascar.

*The stand is included with the sphere