Agate & Clear Quartz Slice XL #1645

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Discover everything you’d like to know about Agate in our Stone Encyclopedia: Agate

Slices are delicately sliced pieces of crystal, from a larger formation with incredible detail & beauty, that would have otherwise not been able to be admired.

Slices are wonderful as they allow you an insight into an otherwise solid formation. They allow you to see the colour bands within the stone, smaller geode formations, translucent windows, iridescence (flash) & other remarkable features from within the larger formation.

They also make great energy charging plates when you place your other crystals or objects upon them.

They can also be wonderful to use in your home decor & one brilliant use is using them as coasters (depending on size of course). Consume a wonderful cuppa & enjoy the enhanced energy benefits at the same time.


This piece is approximately 1503 grams & 280 x 130 x 25 mm