What is PRANA?

PRANA is Sanskrit & refers to Energy, Life & Breath.
In other traditions, it is known as Chi, Ki or Mana.



Prana is the universal sea of energy that infuses & vitalizes all matter. This sea of energy unites into sub-atomic particles & atoms, which become the basic building blocks of all matter manifesting the physical world. So, every atom, molecule, & cell is an extension of prana, just as waves are extensions of the sea that lies beneath them.



Prana is also the power that flows in all living forms & performs vital functions. Paramhansa Yogananda called this aspect of prana “Life-Force”. We have a subtle or astral body made up of prana that underlies the physical body. Oriental healing techniques, such as Ayurveda & Acupuncture, work to harmonize & strengthen the flow of life-force, calling it variously Prana, Chi, or Ki. When the life-force flows properly, the result will be a natural state of harmonious health & vitality.



Prana is also used to refer to the breath. When we take a physical breath, there is a corresponding movement of prana in the subtle or astral spine. Prana flows up in the subtle spine in conjunction with the inhalation, & down with the exhalation. This link between breath & the flow of prana is central to many of the techniques of meditation. By controlling the breath, which is easily felt, we can influence the flow of prana, which is much more subtle & difficult to feel.



Our why – “To inspire & open eyes to the beauty of our world”


Our purposeWe created Your PRANA so we may share the beauty & magnificence of the world with every soul. In every remarkable art form beauty presents itself in. So you may witness the incredible artistic design of the earth itself & the beautiful artists who were put on this earth to bring a great love & energy to everyone they encounter. Allowing you to see the power of what is possible. Sharing beauty & love, so you may form a deeper connection with your own mind, body & spirit.


Your PRANA presents only the most exquisite artformsAt Your PRANA you will discover an amazing display of crystals & minerals, bespoke sterling silver jewellery, pounamu carvings & impeccable mineral art. Everything we present & create is infused with a deep seeded sense of love.


All pieces are handcrafted & set to the highest standard – Our pieces are either designed by Antoinette herself or presented on behalf of artists throughout NZ who create magnificent pieces of mineral art.


Outstanding presentation – Each piece receives the utmost care & we ensure our packaging is impeccable for you. Depending on the stone / type of artwork & size of the pieces, we may detail it with petals, gift complimentary stones, scent the packaging & write a handwritten note detailing the pieces meaning, origin & history. Gifting you a unique experience infused with love.


Sustainably focused – We have a strict recycle & reuse process. Wherever possible, we avoid using bubble wrap. In almost all instances we use paper or card to wrap & present our pieces. However, some occasions do call for it & in those cases, we only use recycled bubble wrap. We also encourage you to return your packaging so we can either reuse or recycle it on your behalf.


Moral compassAll we present is cleansed regularly – physically & energetically, created / sourced with the highest of ethics & all the stones we present are in their natural / unaltered state. The artists we present are all aligned with our morals & you can see this in the art they create. We desire to pass wisdom down through the generations. Honesty is held in the highest regard. We respect & hold space for every connection & are always compassionate. We embrace gratitude daily for who we are, what we present & the journeys encountered.


5-star customer reviews – We are happy to source pieces for you, gift you all the knowledge you desire & create custom pieces for you – we go the extra mile. Our customers also often refer to our gallery as a space where they feel at home – we hope you do too! Many customers have become great friends of PRANA over the years & they are a testament to how we go above & beyond for everyone. No question is silly & no task is too hard. Many also refer friends, because they know we will take care of their every desire. No doubt you will become a great friend of PRANA too.


Community driven – We present regular educational workshops (online & in the gallery) on our pieces so you can learn about their history, origin, meanings & creation. We also support many great causes locally such as fundraisers for schools & charitable events. Education always has been & will remain one of our highest priorities.


Locally owned & operated – Northland is our home & we love sharing the magic of all we present with you. Our gallery is the only one in Northland presenting an exquisite display of earth’s creations & fine mineral artwork, hence we seek to present the best to all those that live & visit this beautiful region.


Our building is a piece of artwork itself – When constructed it was nominated for the Property Council NZ Architectural Awards under Excellence. The gallery is a lush wide-open space, surrounded by gardens with decks on all 3 sides. 3 of our ‘walls’ are actually enormous glass sliding doors that open the doors so wide, it appears as if 1 wall & 4 corners are supporting the roof – it’s impeccable architecture. A must-visit if you have a passion for great buildings. Plus the natural lighting couldn’t be more perfect for displaying our pieces.


Connect with us – If you resonate with our values & would love to connect, we’d be delighted to speak with you. You are welcome to visit our gallery in person, we are open 8.30am – 4pm Monday to Friday & 10am – 2pm on Saturdays. Otherwise, please feel free to call us or connect online via our details below:


Phone: +64 027 301 38 40

Email: info@yourprana.com

Instagram: instagram.com/yourprananz 

Facebook: facebook.com/yourpranacollective

Address: 2 Aranga Road, Kerikeri (opposite BP) you’ll see our purple signs on the corner


We look forward to connecting with you & inspiring you with the beauty of our world.


Yours in gratitude,

Antoinette & the PRANA Team

How can you, invite greater PRANA into your life, today?

Today, I invite you to feel a little deeper, allow yourself space & gift yourself a moment to appreciate all that you are & the magnificence that surrounds you.

Give time, individually to your Body, Mind & Soul. Nourish each, in a different way. Recognize Yourself.

Fill your cup, put yourself first. You are a priority! All who surround you with love, will greatly benefit from you, being a greater, empowered version of yourself.

The Universe Believes In YOU!


Much love, Antoinette