What is PRANA?

PRANA is Sanskrit & refers to Energy, Life & Breath.
In other traditions, it is known as Chi, Ki or Mana.



Prana is the universal sea of energy that infuses & vitalizes all matter. This sea of energy unites into sub-atomic particles & atoms, which become the basic building blocks of all matter manifesting the physical world. So, every atom, molecule, & cell is an extension of prana, just as waves are extensions of the sea that lies beneath them.



Prana is also the power that flows in all living forms & performs vital functions. Paramhansa Yogananda called this aspect of prana “Life-Force”. We have a subtle or astral body made up of prana that underlies the physical body. Oriental healing techniques, such as Ayurveda & Acupuncture, work to harmonize & strengthen the flow of life-force, calling it variously Prana, Chi, or Ki. When the life-force flows properly, the result will be a natural state of harmonious health & vitality.



Prana is also used to refer to the breath. When we take a physical breath, there is a corresponding movement of prana in the subtle or astral spine. Prana flows up in the subtle spine in conjunction with the inhalation, & down with the exhalation. This link between breath & the flow of prana is central to many of the techniques of meditation. By controlling the breath, which is easily felt, we can influence the flow of prana, which is much more subtle & difficult to feel.

Do you have a passion for Holistic Health & Movement Freedom?
Are you focused on Evolving, Raising & Igniting your prana (your consciousness & energy)?
Want to radiate joy & live your best life?


Welcome, you are amongst friends.


I (Antoinette) founded Your PRANA so I could focus on enhancing the vitality, purpose & strength in every soul. Bringing a unique 360° approach to Holistic Health & Movement.

I am a Movement & Rehab Expert, Nutritionist, Business Mentor, Holistic Health Practitioner, Aerial Yoga Teacher & Jeweller. With a huge passion for Mother Nature & all her magnificent formations of minerals. Pursuing education in each field weekly – Thoroughly enjoying the learning process, & consider myself a student of life.

Your PRANA represents:



– Movement & Rehab Experts, Yoga Teachers, Nutritionists, Holistic Health Practitioners, Business Mentoring & Functional Testing (Epigenetics, Food Sensitivities & Adrenals)

PRANA Collective

– Minerals & Crystals, Our Bespoke Silver Jewellery, Essential Oils & Holistic Tools

PRANA Events

– Retreats, Corporate Seminars, Educational Workshops & Yoga Events

We are experts in transformations!


We focus on you & your uniqueness with a complete holistic view of your mind, body & spirit.

Personal experiences led me (Antoinette) to fall in love with movement & the intricacies of our health – to dive deeper & uncover truths. My adventures saw me in magnificent places & I fell truly in love with Mother Nature, she is awe-inspiring! Along my journey I endured autoimmune battles, earthquakes, a spinal fusion, trauma, hormonal fluctuations & weight imbalances… to me, they were gifts, blessings. Events where I could learn from experience & use my knowledge to support & inspire lives daily.

Hashimoto’s manifested in 2010 & a Ruptured Disc in my Spine occurred in 2014. These events resulted in half my Thyroid being removed & I underwent an Anterior (L5 – S1) Spinal Fusion. Looking back, I now understand & see the patterns in my life that lead to these events. My environment, relationships & mindset were incredibly huge factors.

An integrated approach to our healthcare is the way forward. If I would have taken all the advice given to me by medical professionals, solely. Never conducted my own research or studies & followed the medication prescribed without question – I can guarantee you I would not be where I am today. We as a society must question the answers given, do our own research & WANT to educate ourselves. They certainly have their time & place in the world & they can work MIRACLES, but we also have to stop taking their words as gospel. We all must take control of our health – no one will put you as their highest priority, only you can do that.

Did I let my life experiences limit me? NO. I saw where I was & took action! Defied all odds, making it my life’s mission to continue to do so. Guiding others to have the power to decide their own destiny. Defying the odds placed against YOU. Enhancing your energy, lifting you higher, empowering your soul.

My journey led to my life’s passion & discovering my dharma, for that, I am eternally grateful. Now, 13 years from where I began, I’m thrilled to see where another decade will lead!

I want us all to live our lives to the fullest, embrace all the leaps & bounds – they are what shape US! Being able to breathe deeply, move daily & nourish our bodies with the best ENERGY, will see YOU living Your Fullest Life.

Whether you are seeking mineral knowledge, nutritional guidance, a gift for a loved one, harmony between business & life, recovering from an injury or a complete spiritual overhaul – you are COVERED. Expert knowledge & an extensive toolbox allows the products & services we offer at Your PRANA to be varied, exciting & playful – while providing you with the utmost emotional support.

All while, placing a special emphasis on Laughter, Love & Joy! This focus also applies to our packaging & presentation. When receiving one of our gems, we go to all lengths to create a vibrant, happy soul upon delivery.

Without those feel goods, the sun doesn’t seem to shine as bright & your body sure as hell doesn’t heal as fast. Let’s place you in your happy place. Let your soul SHINE! If you take anything away from this – be it that, from today forward you take control. Own your choices, your habits, environment & health. You have the Power – Now, OWN IT!

Be the change you wish to see in the world.

Our aim is to Evolve, Raise & Ignite you.
Embracing YOUR Vitality, Purpose & Strength. 

Discover Your PRANA.

How can you, invite greater PRANA into your life, today?

Today, I invite you to feel a little deeper, allow yourself space & gift yourself a moment to appreciate all that you are & the magnificence that surrounds you.

Give time, individually to your Body, Mind & Spirit. Nourish each, in a different way. Recognize Yourself.

Fill your cup, put yourself first. You are a priority! All who surround you with love, will greatly benefit from you, being a greater, empowered version of yourself.

The Universe Believes In YOU!


Yours in Gratitude – Antoinette Elizabeth x