May 20th - A Celebration For Crystal & Mineral Lovers NZ Wide!

National Crystal Day is the day we look forward to all year!
A day to share the love, passion & enthusiasm for crystals, rocks & minerals. Whether you resonate with their properties, the chemical composition, the way they were formed, or the energy they represent, this is the day for you!
If you are a rock hound, yogi, jeweller, love geology, are seeking more meaningful practices, or have a young child who is fascinated by them, now is the time for you to celebrate your amazing interest & marvel at nature’s magnificent creations!
Here is how YOU can celebrate!
  • Share your favourite gem on social media & use #NationalCrystalDayNZ
  • Add a new gem to your collection
  • Go on an adventure, explore nature & see what gems you may discover!
  • Make a new piece of jewellery featuring your favourite gem
  • Gift a friend a gem & introduce them to your fascinating interest
  • Meditate with your favourite piece
  • Cleanse your gems, reconnect with each one & their significance to you
  • Create a sacred space in your home & place your dearest gems within this space
The Countdown BEGINS!
Join us for amazing OFFERS, pop into our Mineral Gallery to identify your gemstones & let’s celebrate BIG!
One Day ONLY!
National Crystal Day, May 20th

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