My Morning Rituals / Non-Negotiables…
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My Morning Rituals / Non-Negotiables…

Where I fill my Joy cup to the brim!

There are 2 things I do as soon as I wake, sometimes the order is reversed depending on how I am feeling… meditation & movement.

My meditation can be anywhere from 3 minutes to 20 minutes. I don’t hold myself to strict boundaries, I give myself space & allow time for my mind to explore. Some times all I do is sit in bed, on my bedroom floor, my yoga mat or my special part of the house. Scents can help set the tone & I love to have my crystals always near. There are always those special few that guide me deep into my meditation practise.

Movement generally looks like yoga stretches, to waken my body & then is either followed by a full yoga sequence, cross fit, walking or a functional movement routine later. On the days where I feel rest is required, I may only complete a 5-minute routine in the early morning & then be happy with the fact I am giving my body space to heal & rejuvenate throughout the day.

When I jump into the shower, (be it before or after my movement) I always make sure I give my body the greatest nourishment I can. Treating it will all natural minimal products & I massage my feet, calves, intestinal tract, shoulders & lower back. After I always use my Neti Pot to do a nasal salt cleanse & then gargle the salt solution too. I love the feeling after a fresh shower, light as a feather & ready for the day!

Now I take my DōTERRA Essential Oils, LLV range (essential nutrients), a big glass of water & either eat an apple, fast, prepare a smoothie or make my lush keto, grain free & dairy free porridge with all the trimmings. Discovering what fuel my body requires for that day (intuition) & gifting it the goods! Same, same doesn’t work for me – I thrive on variety, the spice of life so I always have many options on hand.

Once breakfast is prepared, or if I am fasting I take a seat & chill with a book. Again, no rules here. Could be 2 minutes, could be 20 – I give myself space to do what I must, make sure I fill my Joy cup right up! Most of the time my reading is educational, holistic health & spiritually based. From time to time I love fantasy & let my imagination run wild. Helps release the creative side of my mind.

& lastly, I write myself a note. This can be inspired from my meditation, movement, my book, my agenda for the day, the cat or even my partner. Maybe 2 words or a novel! Again, no boundaries / rules. & I keep them all in a very safe space so if I wish to reflect at the end of the year I can. Quite often it is either an intention, my affirmations or a reflection of gratitude. A moment in time that I carry with me throughout my day, a grounding peace in my mind, that when chaos strikes – I know I have my sanctuary.

My Morning Rituals / Non-Negotiables did not just exist out of thin air, they have taken many many years to form into what they look like today. Trial & error, discovering what works for me, what doesn’t – actively using my intuition. Finding my individuality.

& yes they take time – it’s time I am investing in myself! So I can be the best version of myself, for me & for all who surround me, who I love & appreciate connecting with.

I always prioritize filling my Joy cup to the brim!

What are your non-negotiable?

Any cues above that you may start practicing?

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