Level 2 & We Are Prepared

Level 2

How are you feeling?

All the emotions running rampant right now are completely understandable & know, you are not alone in this. Witness your emotions for what they are & do what you can to turn them into a driving force to carry you forward.

Remember, we are here for you…
If you need to talk, reach out.

Because we are blessed with a large studio & set up our new premises with all your health precautions in mind, we can continue our private coaching, classes & remain open for all your crystal & essential oil needs.

Private coaching will continue with ease at a 2m distance.

Classes will require slightly further spacing, & we will use a few extra walls around the studio for handstands. As always you are required to bring your own mat, but as this has been our practice from the beginning there are basically no changes.

We have cleaning stations on hand to wipe down any gear or products touched during your visit & we have hand sanitizer at the door on your right as soon as you walk in. Your safety is our number one priority & this has been our focus from the beginning.

For your convenience, classes will be live-streamed on our YouTube channel if you choose to begin a home practice & our private coaching is also easily accessible online.

The only change we do ask of you is to register your visit on our tablet on arrival.

Our aim is to provide an environment that feels homely & safe.
Space where you can be free to move, breathe & relax in an environment that asks nothing of you.

Space for you to just be you.


If you have any questions, please reach out & know we do offer complimentary, completely confidential consultations. So if you need to talk & share your thoughts, we can help facilitate & hold the space for you.

Private Coaching Sessions

Class / Workshop Bookings


If your finding things are a bit tough right now, but you’d like to put your health & movement first – connect today & email us.

There are payment options we can discuss & financial assistance available through the regional business partner network if you are a business owner seeking guidance.

Take this opportunity to put yourself first.
Your PRANA is all about enhancing your vitality, purpose & strength through health & movement, so we are happy to do anything that will facilitate this & see you thrive!

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Shine on x

Antoinette Elizabeth

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