ignite your prana

What is Ignite Your PRANA?

Ignite Your PRANA is our transformational program that has never failed to deliver & always exceeds expectations. Enhancing your Vitality, Purpose & Strength, is our ultimate aspiration.

IGNITE! Our VIP, leader of leaders, all-inclusive program is designed to do exactly that. Personalized Business, Holistic Health, Movement & Mindset Coaching, catered to your Lifestyle & Genetics. Ignite discovers how unique you are, customizing your program 100% to you! 26 weeks or 52, you choose the length of your transformation – commit & receive staggering rewards.

We will evolve your movement, mindset, relationships, health & emotional wellbeing. Inspiring, Empowering & Igniting YOU. Radiate confidence & strength! A completely supportive holistic program that will help you look at your business, health, movement & environment is an entirely new light. A 360° degree view – every angle covered. All 100% customized & unique to your needs

Do You Think Consultations, Putting Yourself First & Healing Is Expensive?

Time is limited, & you know where you are now, is not where you wish to stay. But it’s so incredibly hard to move forward, leaping out of the circle is scary. You love your safe space.

It’s time you made a decision.

You do so much for others, to make their dreams come true… when did you start losing sight of your own?

It’s time to tune into your doshic constitution (Vata, Pitta, Kapha). Time to reveal your Epigenetic profile, understand what makes you, YOU. Finally, time to address your hormones & bring them into alignment.

Time to pause, find the stillness within & begin to control where your energy is being spent. Time to listen to your agni, your digestive fire & discover what foods cause your gut health to suffer.

It’s time to move your body in a way the serves your doshic constitution & Epigenetic profile, be it fast, slow, heavy or light, learn what is best for you. Time to heal those niggles you have dealt with for so long. No more, leave that pain behind you, let’s find you freedom!

It’s time to step up & out of your circle! Re-connect with your life, the one you have lost sight of, the one you REALLY want to live.

See yourself transform, exceed your goals & live your wildest dreams! Stand tall knowing you can accomplish EVERYTHING you desire.


Our VIP, all-access, ‘Ignite Your PRANA’ 26/52 Week Program is your road map to SUCCESS! It’s designed for YOU & 100% uniquely catered to YOU.

The first 8 weeks include 2, one on one, private consultations, then you meet weekly for the remaining weeks.

  Both packages include Epigenetics Testing, Hormone & Adrenal Testing, Food Sensitivity Testing & Nutrition Planning, Movement Plans & everything you need to look, feel, & BE the best version of yourself.

For a more in-depth breakdown of what is included in Ignite Your PRANA, click here.

Are You Ready?⁣⁣⁣

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Antoinette – Your PRANA Expert x