How To Use Your Crystals

How to use your Crystals

Their uses are diverse & plentiful, here are a few ways you can begin to use yours for healing:

– Wear your Crystals
This may be in the form of a Pendant, Ring, Bracelet or Earrings.

– Carry your Crystals
Possibly a Tumble Stone or Flat Stone in your pocket, wallet, handbag or tucked inside your bra.

– Placing Crystals upon your body
Holding a Crystal near a part of your body where you seek Revitalisation, Clearing or Activation.

– Keeping near your Pillow or Bed
To aid in a restful night’s sleep, sweet dreams & the feeling of protection & safety.

– Meditating with your Crystals
Either sitting or lying with them quietly, allowing them to reveal themselves to you.

– Creating Crystal Essences & Elixirs.
Blending them with Essential Oils, Herbs & Flowers to bring forth great healing potential.


How do you use your Crystals?

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