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Raise Your PRANA

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Discover clarity, enhance your immunity, & own YOUR health. Raise Your PRANA is a transformative 8-week home course designed to empower YOU! Refine your skills & realize how truly powerful you are. Accountability at its FINEST!

Do you feel like you’re a list of never-ending symptoms? Lack of energy, continual stress, irritable stomach, brain fog, & random breakouts on your skin… These things are not the best for your confidence or the motivation you’re searching for. This does not have to be your life.

What if I said 80% – 99% of your Symptoms could be RESOLVED?

Let’s bring back your clarity & strengthen your immunity. We have your answers, guidance & resolutions.

  • Feel A Sense of Renewal in Just 1 Week
  • Notice Confidence & Motivation Reappear in 2 Weeks
  • Observe a Lighter, Happier Belly in 3 Weeks

If this happens in your first 3 weeks… IMAGINE what’s possible in 8 WEEKS!

Over 8 weeks we will transform your body, nutrition, holistic health & mental wellbeing. You will not recognize yourself in 8 weeks from now!

Together let’s delve deeper into…

  • MOVEMENT – Addressing how you function vs how you ‘want to function’ plus what actions make you feel alive & happy
  • NUTRITION – Looking into the habits surrounding what goes in your belly, the foods that don’t sit well & your comfort foods
  • GOALS, PASSIONS & ASPIRATIONS – Finding what makes you feel alive & using that as your driving force
  • MINDFUL MEDITATION TECHNIQUES – How you conduct your internal dialog, discovering tools to quieten the shadow thoughts & embrace the lighter side of yourself
  • EPIGENETICS – Understanding how your environment affects your Gene Expression, learning how unique you are, what you can do to harness that & how to be your highest self
  • DAILY TASKS – Discovering what serves you, distinguishing what no longer serves you & begin forming habits that will amplify your health
  • REVEALING YOUR IKIAGI (your reason for being) – Realizing where you are presently & where you would like to be – what your future holds

Raise Your PRANA well & truly delivers, each week. We love to give you all we can, so you may experience a grand transformation at the finale of your 8th week. We want you to experience feelings you have never dreamt of before! Hence why we have put our heart & soul into this course, it’s because we want to invest in you – see you living your best life!

Raise Your PRANA – 8 Week Home Course is $399 (weekly $49.90).

The first step is to make contact. Either below, message us on Facebook, call, or email.

Then we can assess where you are at, your goals, if our principles align, & how we can create progress for you.

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