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EMPOWER – 8 Week Online Course

Discover Clarity & Immunity, Own YOUR Health. Empower is accountability at its FINEST!

Feel like you’re a list of never-ending symptoms? What if I said 80% – 99% of your Symptoms could be RESOLVED!?

Your lack of lust for life, continual stress, irritable bowel, disappearing energy, consistent bloating, brain fog, random breakouts on your skin that you don’t understand. Or perhaps, your constant fatigue, ankles swollen due to water retention, hips that don’t want to move, the lightheadedness & heart palpitations…


Let’s bring back your Clarity & strengthen your Immunity.
EMPOWER – has your Answers, Guidance & Resolutions.

  • Feel Renewed in just 1 WEEK!
  • Notice Confidence & Motivation reappear in 2 Weeks!
  • Observe a Lighter, Happier Belly in 3 Weeks!

If that happens in your first 3 Weeks…
IMAGINE what’s Possible in 8 WEEKS!


A transformative 8-week online journey designed to Empower YOU!
Refine your skills, realize how truly powerful YOU are.

Enhancing your Vitality, Purpose & Strength. EMPOWER gifts you the guidance of a team, that truly cares! We understand your journey – because we have been there ourselves.

Gone are the days where you are constantly second-guessing yourself due to brain fog, sleepless nights & incredible mood fluctuations. Welcome to your Time, YOUR Transformation! Let’s increase your health & wellbeing so you may be resilient for your loved ones. SMASH your boundaries & expand your capabilities, look beyond the horizon! Over 8 weeks we will transform your body, nutrition, holistic health & mental wellbeing. You will not recognize yourself in 8 weeks from now!

Functional Movement, Personalized Holistic Coaching, Expert Knowledge, a Supportive Network, the Latest Research & MORE…


EMPOWER brings you the Absolute BEST knowledge to get YOU STARTED!

– Weekly Emailed Tasks
– Holistic Health Appraisal
– Movement Plan
– Movement Coaching
– Rehab Techniques
– Intuitive Nutrition Assessment
– Customized Recipes & Meal Plans
– Regular Progress Reports
– Adrenal Stress Indicators & Investigation
– Weekly Measurement Updates
– Holistic Health Coaching
– Accountability Diary
– Before & After Images

Expertise, Guidance & Understanding.


EMPOWER will lead you to the greatest vitality & strength you have ever experienced! Let someone genuinely care about your health for a change. We will NOT brush your symptoms aside, We actually give a SHIT about you!


Together let’s delve deeper into…

♦️ MOVEMENT – Addressing how you function vs how you ‘want to function’ plus what actions make you feel alive & happy

♦️ NUTRITION – Looking into the habits surrounding what goes in your belly, the foods that don’t sit well & your comfort foods

♦️ GOALS, PASSIONS & ASPIRATIONS – Finding what makes you feel alive & using that as your driving force

♦️ MINDFUL MEDITATION TECHNIQUES – How you conduct your internal dialog, discovering tools to quieten the shadow thoughts & embrace the lighter side of yourself

♦️ EPIGENETICS – Understanding how your environment affects your Gene Expression, learning how unique you are, what you can do to harness that & how to be your highest self

♦️ DAILY TASKS – Discovering what serves you, distinguishing what no longer serves you & begin forming habits that will amplify your health

♦️ REVEALING YOUR IKIAGI (reason for being) – Realizing where you are presently & where you would like to be – what your future holds


YOU matter, you honestly do, what you feel, MATTERS!
Don’t settle for quick FIX band-aids – you know they NEVER work.

It is TIME to STOP putting everyone else ahead of you.
Your symptoms could lead you down the rabbit hole further… Don’t let them – you have everything to gain!

Invest in YOURSELF with a Complete Holistic Model.
A 360 Degree Approach to YOUR Unique Health.


EMPOWER well & truly over delivers, each week – We love to give you all we can, so you may experience a grand transformation at the finale of your 8th week. In 8 weeks time, we want you to experience feelings you have never dreamt of before! Hence why we have put our heart & soul into Empower, it’s because we want to invest in you – see you living your best life!

Empower’s content level, continued expansion & maximized support is an absolute steal for $49.90 a week.


DōTERRA members will receive 10% off Empower with an additional 10% of their package total donated directly to DōTERRA’s Healing Hands Foundation.

To find out more about the foundation visit:

Or if you wish to begin your own essential oil journey register here: www.mydoterra.com/antoinettelizabeth


Let’s Increase your Vitality, Discover your Purpose & Gift you Energy!!!

Are you ready?
Ready to Evolve & Transform?


Connect with us TODAY.
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Our EMPOWER – 8 Week Course is $399 (each week being $49.90).

The first step is to make contact – then we can assess where you are at, your goals, if our principles align & how we can create progress for you.


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Jump on the EMPOWER Train & let’s get you STARTED!


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