Cocooned Yoga Nidra

Cocooned Nidra

Seeking a practice to rejuvenate your mind?

Does an hour of stillness & peace, with zero movements, sound like a holiday? Would you love to be suspended in the air, wrapped & supported in a blissful cocoon with a comforting blanket resting upon you?

Cocooned Yoga Nidra in our aerial hammocks might be just what the universe ordered.

Enjoy a guided Yoga Nidra class with a few restorative aerial postures from your own personal cocoon & emerge rejuvenated & revitalized. Yoga Nidra is a relaxing guided meditation, focusing on peeling back the layers of oneself. Leaving you refreshed & at ease!


* Aerial yoga experience is not required for this class

* You are welcome to bring a blanket & eye pillow to assist in your practice