Carrot Cake Overnight ‘Oats’

🥕 Carrot Cake Overnight ‘Oats’ 🥕

Our Empower Course members receive the yummiest recipes in town! Here’s a sneak peek… 👀

Saturday Breakfast is sorted! 👍

✅ 1.5 x cups Almond Milk or other non-dairy milk of your choice, unsweetened
✅ 1 x cup Quinoa Seeds
✅ 1 x tablespoon Chia Seeds
✅ 2 x small Shredded Carrot
✅ 1 x handful Raisins
✅ 1 x handful Walnuts
✅ 2 x tablespoons of Coconut Yoghurt
✅ 1 x large Cut into cubes Sweet Apple
✅ 1 x small knob of Grated Ginger
✅ 1 x small knob of grated Gingeric
✅ 1 x pinch Cinnamon
✅ 4 x drops Vanilla Extract
✅ 1 x pinch Sea Salt

🔹 1) Put the rolled quinoa & chia seeds in two bowls or mason jars.

🔹 2) Add cinnamon, vanilla extract & sea salt to taste. Stir well with a spoon.

🔹 3) Add your grated ginger & turmeric. Stir well once again.

🔹 4) Add the shredded carrot, raisins, walnuts & apple. Then pour the almond milk on top.

🔹 5) Now you can add your other toppings, but I like to add these in the morning so they stay nice & crunchy.

🔹 6) Add your chosen toppings in the morning – I use coconut yogurt, roughly chopped activated (soaked) walnuts as my toppings.

& hey presto – she’s ready to EAT! 🍴

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