Why Is Shoulder Mobility Important?

Stop & wave your arms around for a moment… do you have full range? Does the range you have feel stable & strong? Are your shoulder blades free & easy to move?
If you answered NO, to any of these pay attention.
For your shoulder joints to be mobile & healthy, they rely almost entirely on the proper function of the scapula – aka your shoulder blade. Yes, the true key to shoulder mobility is scapular stability. You have to have strong shoulder blades. They are your foundation.
Healthy shoulder joints allow freedom in the thoracic spine (upper back), allowing your chest to open fully, helps correct posture, enable you to take full deep breaths – also helping ease stress.
They affect your life greatly too!
Immobile, injured shoulders prevent you from squeezing your loved ones in a big embrace, you can’t pick up your children, carrying anything becomes an issue & sleeping slightly wrong can put you in a world of pain for days.
Here are a few key pointers to increasing your shoulder mobility:

Cat – Cow
Start by focusing on creating freedom in your shoulder blades
Down Dog – Supported
Place your hands on a wall & slowly lower, extending through your underarms
Table Top – Childs Pose
Dynamically flow between each pose, pressing your hands into the ground to add a strength variable to your shoulder

Begin doing these daily & note your range of motion & strength begin to reappear.
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